blahzay.jpgBrooklyn rapper Blahz, formerly of the group Blahzay Blahzay, was recently the victim of a bizarre accident in which his SUV exploded on the New Jersey Expressway. According to reports, Blahz was traveling in his Cadillac SUV on the New Jersey Expressway when he heard a strange noise coming from the vehicle and pulled over to investigate. As he stopped the truck, it stalled, so he called a friend to pick him up and popped the hood. As he was making his way to the passenger side, the vehicle suddenly exploded, throwing him over 40 feet into the woods near the Expressway. Blahz spent the next three weeks in a coma and suffered second and third degree burns over much of the left side of his body. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

Blahzay Blahzay rose to prominence in the mid ’90s when their hit record “Danger” took off. Since leaving the group, Blahz has embarked on a solo career and plans to release a "mixtape movie" with 18 new songs in January of 2007.