dmx.jpgA Hot 97 sponsored Back To School concert that took place on Saturday night (September 30), ended abruptly when Yonkers rapper DMX felt his performance was cut short, Newsday reports. Just before DMX took the stage, G-Unit's set ended when their sound was cut off after just 30 minutes on stage. When DMX took the stage, his sound was cut after just 15 minutes. At that point, according to Sgt. Herb Daub of the Nassau County Police, "DMX ran back, jumped off stage and started a fight with the sound person." According to reports, DMX and his entourage eventually left the stage, only to return moments later and begin throwing water bottles into the audience. An enraged concertgoer in turn threw a metal chair onstage, which was thrown back by a member of DMX's crew, hitting an audience member in the head. The victim was taken to Nassau University Medical Center to be treated for her injuries, and County police are reportedly investigating the incident as an assault. Also scheduled to perform later that night were Dipset member Jim Jones and Def Jam's Foxy Brown, but the show did not continue after the melee.