diddy1.jpgSean "Diddy" Combs will no longer be able to use the “Diddy” moniker in the UK after he agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against him by music producer Richard "Diddy" Dearlove. Dearlove, who is well known on the UK dance scene, filed the lawsuit alleging unfair competition against his US namesake last year. The case was set to go to the High Court on October 23. While all of the details of the settlement have not been revealed, the BBC places the figure at £110,000, or just over 200,000 U.S. dollars. A press release distributed by the Dearlove's attorney states that Combs has "given several undertakings to Dearlove," although no details were given. Under the settlement, Combs will also be required to rebrand his commercial activities in the UK and reimburse Dearlove for the cost of the litigation.