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    yeah dipset ballin!

  • Ms.Kash

    this song is ugggglyyyy. when this song come on in tha club in harlem wattt ppl go krazy! tha song is hot, point blank.. i had 2 run out & copp sum dark shades yah mean.. jus 4 tha hell of it!

  • face

    HArlem World dipset all day the video is crazy the definition of ballinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • L.R.N.A.

    dipset all day baby WE FLY HIGH ! BAAlliiinnn

  • pure fire

    harlem to the end of time my nigga, thats whuz up. we goin hard dvd’s and magazines-what!! its dipset ll day the boys writer and hell rell are up next-beware

  • Raymond Diaz

    Id bone naked truth in the ass

  • Raymond Diaz

    JK that jim jone joint is the shit

  • Renesha

    Jim Jones done did it again. Everybody gone to be ballinnnnnn for a long time.
    We fly high no lie you know this

  • Yo boy

    A yo Renesha I’m really feeling you. this song is the song of the year.BALLINNNNNN

  • french chick


  • billige korsika reisen

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