Xzibit Inks Deal with Koch

xzibit.jpgCalifornia rapper Xzibit has inked a deal with Koch Records for his own Open Bar Entertainment imprint, according to today’s announcement from the indie powerhouse. The first project to be released through the deal will be Xzibit’s upcoming LP Full Circle, which is slated for release on September 19. The album will be X’s sixth solo studio outing and his first since 2004’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Xzibit started out in the industry as a member of the Likwit Crew, a collective of rappers that included himself, the Alkaholiks and West Coast pioneer King Tee. He can currently be seen hosting MTV’s popular car show, Pimp My Ride, and will be appearing in the film Gridiron Gang with professional wrestler The Rock later in 2006.

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  • juvenil226

    Bring the heat


    Damn he fell off.

  • The Best Out


  • pop a poppa

    when xzibit first came out i thought he was gonna be the next superstar outta the west…
    at the speed of life is a classic…
    anyone who ain’t heard it you should check it out…
    x-2-tha-z had so much buzz that pac felt he needed to diss x to keep x at an arm’s distance…
    tha alkaholiks are one of the most unheard of groups that put out dope albums on a consisten basis…
    i think if x and the alkaholiks came up as one unit together they might’ve stuck around longer…
    i don’t really know the reason why they went their separate ways…
    a lotta people shitted on x when he put out Restless, sayin’ he sold out and shit…
    and then later he does Pimp My Ride…
    i guess that goes to show that you shouldnt do nuthin’ but rap if you’re a rapper…
    i don’t know why but every time a rapper does other entertainment outside of putting out albums the public usually doesn’t accept you as a rapper anymore…
    just look at the list… ice cube, LL cool j, dmx, eve, master p, 50 cent, eminem, will smith, and so on…
    after they went and did something outside of rappin’ they started heading downhill…
    all these rappers that ain’t on major labels are so lucky koch exists…
    these rappers get like 5-7 dollars for every album they sell so all these rappers can continue to have some semblance of a career

  • Corinne

    I can’t wait until Xzibit’s new album comes out. He’s a rapper with some real unique talent. I’m so tired of hearing the same kind of crap rap over again. Xzibit to me is some of the few rappers who are intelligent enough to grow with their music. I have such a high level of respect for this man. I’m glad he’s doing that show “Pimp my Ride” because it goes to show that he’s reaching out to people in the need of helping them on their feet and getting their car fixed. It’s a shame that he’s not getting enough credit for his talent, well at least that’s what it seems to me. Xzibit is real rap period. People are so blind by commercial rap now and days that when real rappers like DMX, Xzibit and Ice Cube, just to name a few come out, they don’t get as much credit as they really should. It’s a shame what has happen now and days, and I hope it changes and so does X.

  • H-man

    Welcome aboard xzibit. Koch da man. Get your paper cuz. You alwayz make me laugh bro. Dats priceless. Do your thang. Should start another show…Call it pimp my bitch. lololol

  • Mr.Me

    Aint nothin wrong with Koch. Interscope is payin the Pussycat Dolls a salary so no matter how many units they push, they get the same check every year. Them hos could go 20X platinum and still get the same paycheck they got 2 years ago. Their gettin raped from the front just for some popularity. Major labels are only good for fame. With Koch he has full creative control, gets a fair percentage of the profits, and gets some decent distribution. Smart move by X.

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    X is still one of the nicest. But honestly, Aftermath or Shady (which is pretty much the same label ANYWAY) would have been a much better look for him artistry-wise.

    if anything he can still live off of that MTV money. which is a good look regardless of whatever.


  • blackman

    Some of you niggas are funny acting like koch is the place to be. Koch is only good for niggas that can’t sell units.Name me one great rapper who can sell units who has joined koch.

  • jon jon–23

    Xzibit is one of the tightest rappers not to reach his potential. He had the voice and the lyrics. He probably won’t blow up now because when rappers do television they usually have no credibility as a rapper after that.

  • RanRice(pronounced rees)

    Sheek went gold on koch if you can count that, ne way im glad X is out, he one of the top mc’s in the game & the second most lyrical dude to ever come outta the west coast(ras kass) but I agree he wouldve looked like a perfect fit under aftermath.

  • Corinne

    Blackman, Xzibit will.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com L.A.’s Finest

    What up to strong arm steady, don’t on them fools especially Phil Da Agony. Anyway, Xzibit fell off since 40days and 40nights. He needs to bring that same shit back, then he’ll be reppin the West Coast like he should. Oh yeah, he’s originally from New Mexico.

  • Corinne

    ^ It seems that you have wrong information about where he came from L.A. He’s originally from Detroit, Michigan but when his mother died and his father again married,they moved to New Mexico.

  • leemangena

    what happened btwin him n dre i think koch is for spent forces


    I thought after that Restless LP, he would have signed with Dre seeing that Dre was the executive producer of thqat joint and Loud folded soon after. I just hope he can go back to the way he was rappin’ on Restless and 40 days..

  • http://xxlmag.com westside money

    Xzibit may be too late to try to rap like he did on RESTLESS because as far as rap goes theres a lot of people who have forgotten bout X.Hes gonna have 2 make a bang on the rap game.



  • Corinne

    I feel like some of you don’t listen to what X has to say in his interviews. I’m referring to when people say ” he needs to rap like he use to”. He says that he’s grown with his music and doesn’t feel the same way about things as when he was younger. Just as Jay, to a “Ho” to “excuse me miss”. I really love Xzibit WMD, that was a really good CD. He has some of the best rap songs out there; the rap game is just diluted now and days.


    i like x i have everyone of his albums but the first one and i think he should just give it up. Unless he going come with some fire and get some dre beats. Also signing to koch is not a bad move watch alot more artist will start doing it. Mr.Me said it best about major labels and why koch is a good move. i don’t know about you people out there but i would rather be paid with limited fame. You still can get endorsement deals people will still know who you are and you have the option to grow. then to go to the majors hope everyone like your album or you won’t get paid and you will have no fame and basically your career is dead. For real what major going sign someone that went double wood there first cd out. not talking about x in that last statement just making a point

  • jon jon–23

    The thing about major labels is that they seem to take all of the artist money. Think about the records that Toni Braxton and TLC sold, only to file for bankruptcy. Artists are probably better off on a label like Koch financially.

  • The Originator

    Xzibit is wash up. Its about he sign to a record label full of flopping artist.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com zaya

    Nigga Go to Shady your going to sell jeak shit there at koch

  • Corinne

    ^ Did your nose just grow 12 inches cause that’s farthest from the truth.

  • King Cobbler

    Mr. Blackwell has his list and now I have mine. I’d like to announce the birth of my ‘you’re a piece of shit’ list and ‘you’re a homo’ list. Don’t worry it’s easy to make. Criteria: be a cop or just think like one, or wish jail on someone…and… you did it! your a piece of shit. Oh, if you live south of the mason/dixon line you’re probaly already a piece of shit. But take heart. Not everybody from the south is a backwards, corny southpole wearin’,no timberline havin’,husslin’ by jumpin’ outta’ bushes instead of standin’ on corners,marlboro cigarrette smokin’ piece of shit. Just ninety percent of “y’all”

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  • John

    wu tha FUCK is koch?

  • http://myspace.com/gunitsoldier50xl Ether

    the only problem wit koch is that they don’t promote their artists at all. but i’m definately lookin for that album when it drops. there’s this track on it called “black and brown” that shit is real yo. anywayz i agree wit the aftermath comment. it would have been a good look for him, or even shady same shit. especially since him and em are koo as fuck.

    black and brown love.

  • detroit klacker

    I’ve heard over half the “full circle”
    album. It’s krakkin, there’s a song with kurupt, too short, and daz produced by jellyroll. Shit is fire! Xzibit aint back—He never left!