Gun Charges Dropped Against Sticky Fingaz

sticky.jpgGun charges against former Onyx frontman Sticky Fingaz were dropped yesterday, according to a New York Daily News report. The rapper-turned-TV star caught a weapons possession charge back in October of 2005 when a maid at the Flatotel hotel in Manhattan found a 9mm pistol in the room he had just checked out of. Sticky, whose real name is Kirk Jones, turned himself in shortly thereafter and was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. The charges were dropped because the prosecutors could not prove that the weapon was in fact his. The News quoted his attorney, Joesph Tacopina, as saying, “Cleary [the Manhattan District Attorney’s office] did the right thing, and there was a just result because that wasn’t his gun.”

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  • john cochran

    He look gay as shit tryin to be blade. But I guess he just tryin to get money.

  • King Cobbler

    Speakin’ about lookin’ gay as shit- back in the 90s I saw Sticky Fingaz cruisin’ Greenwich Village in a BMW with Jersey plates!

  • King Cobbler

    …Let the boys be boys

  • jonjon–23

    He a old rapper from New York…That’s two strikes against him…Guess he dodged the third.

  • Young G

    Nigga look fruity as fuck

  • Arkansas Nigga

    Mane dat boy Sticky cool. His show is tight…

  • Mr.Me

    Niggas name is Kirk. lol

  • realnig

    hey man onyx is realy straight they was on dat one song wit da wu the worst shits straight fiya

  • GQ

    wateva happened to fredro starr’s tv career?


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  • omegared nyc

    i think sticky doing his thing he been in a few movies thats big he been with one of the biggest group of it’s time thats more then what these gay rapper yall listen to could say

  • Jersey Boy

    Who cares about that Wet Wipe !!!!! He and Onyx have been washed up for years the last hit they has was the song ………”Slam”

  • murkey man

    dat dude is wack , old school rapper without the real mobster side.
    Onyx is fruity cake as micket mouse

  • Dustin

    lol, Sticky Fingaz is a fall off, sell out..They probably had him admit it was his gun so they could let him off for suspicion of it being in his posession. All that it takes is a good lawyer and some flow..Pathetic really..Oh yea, and word is Cassidy snitched?!


  • 184th Boy

    Only thing this nigga did good was have himself as a character in Def Jam: Fight for Ny.

  • 184th Boy

    And he look more like Pookie than Nino.

  • John


  • da madface

    u know wht it is….
    da hip-hop…nowadayz…
    ***…they all forgot…
    back in the dayz…
    when there was a group named “onyx”…
    did u guyz really forget about ‘em…
    the raw **** they been spittin’…
    da energy they been bringin’…
    did ya guyz actually forget about ‘em…
    or, do u think they actually can bring it back to wht it was…
    whatever u think, the fact is here…they are comin’ back..
    they have got projects to touch dis new generation
    by just create a group wit da maddest sons of their friendz from their hood…
    yea, it’s crazy….
    and, u can think it’s impossible, but it’s like dat…
    they already got a mixtape…and, yea…
    Yung onyx ain’t just a name…
    they bring dat raw **** just like ‘em
    just like back in the dayz…
    full of energy and courage…
    they are here to bring it hard…
    bring it back to da street…
    if u neva heard about ‘em..
    just check dis out

    p.s: their website is still in work…

  • da kid

    beleive that!!! young onyx and onyx was the shit
    and stickys “black trash” ? thats the best basis for a cd ever
    who in the industry now can spit like sticky did then and now??
    50 cent? wit his fruity ass? he needs to go back to the candy shop and suck on a magic stick