eminem.jpgA Detroit man identified only as "Miad J." is accusing Eminem of assaulting him at the Cheetah Strip Club on the city's notorious 8 Mile Road early Thursday morning (July 13), according to local station WXYZ. The man says that he was using the restroom at the same time as Eminem, when another man came in and started speaking to the rapper. According to Miad, when one of the rapper’s bodyguards told the man to be quiet, he spoke up in the his defense. As soon as Eminem finished using the urinal, he swung at Miad "4 or 5 times." "I wasn’t even expecting it, I was just minding my own business, taking a leak," Miad is quoted as saying. Detroit Police are seeking Eminem to question him about the incident. No one from the Cheetah club's staff or Eminem's camp cared to comment, according to the WXYZ story. The station also reports that a witness claims to have seen Detroit rapper Trick Trick brandishing a firearm outside the club.