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  • wigga_hata

    why the fuck are honkies sayen nigga 4. any crackers that come in my hood and dress like us and say nigga get they fucken heads smashed in and why are honkies even in our rap, rap is 4 black folks ONLY.

  • DARK

    i heard that

  • skinheadbob

    shut the fuck up niggers

  • the-man

    hey shut the fuck up you kkk bitch

  • the-man

    you all are fucking gay

  • the-man

    what is the point of this blog

  • fuck white people

    i know ma nigga wat da fuk is deez krakas sayin nigga fo they the one who wooped ow asses we should lynch them

  • DARK


    shut your bitchass up you ain’t even black you a white bitch from that other blog

  • DARK


    yo my brother i like your screen name cause that’s what i think of white bitches too they ain’t got no bussiness in our rap or even saying that word honkys are fucking hipyocrates.

  • DARK

    fuck this dumbass blog

  • DARK

    why was this blog even made?

  • r

    fuckin hell ,dark ur on thi site every fuckin day, yes we get ur a point- ur a racist now get a life for fuck sake