Producer Dallas Austin Arrested in Dubai

dallasaustin.jpgHip-hop and R&B producer Dallas Austin was detained in the Middle Eastern nation of Dubai over a month ago on charges of drug possession, according to a report from area paper, The Gulf News. Austin, who has worked with a number of platinum selling artists including TLC, Boyz 2 Men, Michael Jackson and Madonna, was reportedly en route to a birthday party for supermodel Naomi Campbell when authorities arrested him for possession of an unknown drug allegedly for personal use. Austin has retained attorneys Qays Hatem Al Zu’bi of Bahrain and Mohammad Al Reda of the United Arab Emirates to represent him in court when his trial commences next month. Al Zu’bi issued a statement saying “The suspect, who is married and a father of four children, was visiting Dubai for tourism and to attend some music concerts.”

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  • Lil Wil

    Yeah, he’s in the wrong country to be fucking up. They don’t play that shit in Dubai.


    well R.I.P Dallas, youz a dead muthafucker now

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    F#ck not dropping the soap, Dallas better watch his neck.
    I hope he stays strong and makes it out that situation. They don’t f#ck around over there when it comes to that criminal sh!t.

  • lilc

    i aggree with u lil wil and every1 else dalls ios either going to be sentence to life in dubai or he will et killed from the goverment. what people need 2 understand is when u r visting places like the middle east and shit they aint the same as england or usa, they are much stricter rules that people have to abide by. 1st and formost the middle is is all muslims vcountries so u people better start readiung the qu’ran b4 u decide to go to the middle est or shit will be bad 4 u jus as dallas austin is experiencing

    i hope he gets out free and no charges but in my eyes its unlikly this will happen unless he pays off the goverment

    peace n love


  • jojochicago

    What was it, some weed? thats fuk’d up, he could possibly spend the next few years in jail. let’s see what celebrity get him now. stop fuk’n around in them other countries.

  • screw music nigga

    maybe mike jack could but n a good word and help him out



    June 26th, 2006 at 12:36 pm
    well R.I.P Dallas, youz a dead muthafucker now



  • Sucker Free

    there is no excuse for this. why couldn’t he just wait until he got there to cop some blow?

  • ..

    I heard they skin u if u have da death sentence.


  • Looking out

    Take it easy! He mess up and yes, he did something really wrong, which shoud require punishment, but not dealth or a life sentence. Lets just all PRAY that they will work out something and he can return to the states safely.

    PRAYER: Most high(God), if it will be your will, please watch over Dallas Austin, protect him and keep him covered, and bring him back to the US safe and also bring home our troops(all military). AMEN

  • Looking Out


  • ..

    like i said, hes dead


  • Navasota

    All this talk about life sentences and death penalties. The Dallas Austin, accompanied by 4 attorneys, just pled guilty to the charges against him( If with 4 attorneys at his side he was advised to plead guilty, what does that tell you– he’s going to get off with a little slap on the hand and will be back in the states before you know it. Dubai may very well have much stricter laws, for the most part, than we do in the state, but it aint that serious! It was cocaine, and obviously only enough for personal use- so it’s not like he was trafficking. Not excusing what was certainly a criminal act, but the assertions that he would be put to death or face life in prison is really over the top.

  • Tyler

    cuz’ is tryin’ 2 get a pardon but I say ‘dats not going 2 happen cause the way they hate Americans every where in the world right now they are going to make and example out of him sad 2 say. . . We all know the deal. . If U snooze U lose.

  • Lightning In The Sky

    I pray for Dallas. He is a friend of mine. He is like a brother to me. My prayer is that he is released and returns home. Dallas gave me my first big break, and now in his time of trouble, I pray to Our Father in the name of Jesus Christ that Dallas Austin receive his ‘big break’. One Love…..D.Simmons aka Lightning In The Sky.

  • Quita P

    Man they need 2 send my boy home cause he got a/ kid(s)plus so many people gotta get they shit poppin in this industry