beanie.jpgThe Philadelphia Police are once again suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the May 25th shooting of Beanie Sigel, despite initial reports that suggested they believed his story. In an item posted on the paper’s website, Philadelphia Weekly's Steve Volk reports that police have been unable to substantiate Sigel's account of what happened the morning he was shot, and classified the investigation as "ongoing."

Sigel claims he was boxed in by two carloads of assailants near the area of 22nd and McClellan Streets just before 7 a.m. Authorities, however, have not found any reports of gunfire in that area or anywhere else during the time period the rapper claims he was shot. Police Capt. Joseph O'Brien, whose South Detectives division is overseeing the case, was quoted as saying, "He's cooperating in the sense that he's giving us information... Whether that information is accurate remains to be seen." Philadelphia Weekly goes on to speculate that the incident may have actually been meant as a "warning" to Sigel, a theory supported by quotes from anonymous Philadelphia police officers and other witnesses.