biggiechain.jpgOn Friday (June 9), the federal judge presiding over the Notorious B.I.G. wrongful death suit sided with the rapper’s family, dealing yet another blow to the case being presented by the City Of Los Angeles.

Last month, attorneys for the city argued that the Wallace family's defense team had deceived the court when they claimed to have no prior knowledge of critical testimony given by a jailhouse informant who implicated rogue LAPD officers Rafael Perez and David Mack in the slaying.

Last week, Perry Sanders, attorney for the Wallace family, offered his rebuttal to the allegations, stating that the city "gave a really incomplete view of what happened" and called the move a "desperate attempt to prevent additional discovery" in the case. Although it is unclear what specific evidence the family presented to persuade Judge Florence-Marie Cooper, a report from the Los Angeles Times revealed that her ruling also accused the city of concealing "hundreds of documents" related to the case.

Judge Cooper, who had previously suggested to both sides that it might be time to settle the case out of court, went on to set a retrial date of October 16th.