cristal.jpgOn the heels of a call from Def Jam President Jay-Z to boycott their product, Louis Roederer Cristal, manufacturers of the high-end champagne, have issued a statement in their defense. The rebuttal reads: "A house like Louis Roederer would not have existed since 1776 without being totally open and tolerant to all forms of culture and art, including the most recent musical and fashion styles, which, like hip-hop, keep us in touch with modernity." The boycott arose from an article in The Economist where Frédéric Rouzaud, the company's managing director, stated: "We can't forbid people from buying it. I'm sure Dom Perignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business." Contrary to previous reports, Rouzaud did not actually use the phrase "unwelcomed attention" as stated in the press release from Jay-Z's public relations firm. That particular characterization was actually made by Gideon Rachman, the author of the Economist piece.