NYPD to Install Surveillance Camera Outside Hot 97

hot97logo.jpgIn response to last week’s shooting of Brooklyn rapper Gravy, the NYPD will install a camera outside the West Village studios of New York radio station Hot 97. “We’ll keep it in place until Hot 97 is evicted or cleans up its act,” a police source told New York’s Daily News. The camera, which bears the NYPD logo, is among the first in a $9 million plan to install 500 video cameras around the city. The cameras have zoom lenses and can be monitored in real time at remote locations. While most cameras will watch high-crime areas or potential terrorist targets, Hot 97’s studios are located in a generally safe neighborhood, meaning the camera’s intended to capture rapper-related violence. The Gravy shooting is the third case of gunfire to erupt outside the studio in the last five years. Hot 97’s landlord announced last week that they are beginning an eviction process.

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  • Tyson W.

    Like I’ve said time after time, another win 4 george bush. I hope some fuckin’ body is listening 2 me in tha 5 boroughs. Watch your ass, & stop gunnin’ idiots over music beefs!
    We are the terrorists to them, not who U see on t.v.

  • doffy

    i feel that they should do sumthing better than putting camaras in there work area.If your putting camaras in there work area they should be put everywhere in every workplace because i no thers alot of iilegal activities there. there worried about crimes but you got the biggest crime boss in office and the biggest gang running the streets NYPD fix that first. HoT 97 is the number 1 station doffy’s out peace big up to your wonderful magazine much respects

  • Khalani from Dorchester

    if thats the hcase, then they should just put cameras everywhere then. these people need 2 think. putting cameras outside isnt going 2 stop, becuz niggas is gully enuff 2 do it in front of the cameras. if u put it inside and moniter shyt the right way, then there wouldnt be as much violence. nebody can not look suspicious comin thru the entrance

  • bundles917



    Well it figures, these dumb niggers are always shooting each other over stupid shit. Its just so fuckin stupid that they are willing to take the life of another person over music. They are music artists and they are trying to kill each other over something they said. I can see why they wanted to put a camera there. Stick to the music!