Obie Trice and Method Man to Appear on CSI

obie_trice.jpgOn April 13, Detroit MC Obie Trice will guest star on CBS’s hit show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In the episode, titled “Poppin’ Tags,” three teenagers are murdered while promoting an album by a rapper played by Obie. The murders will lead investigators to his rival rappers, played by Method Man and Blink 182’s Travis Barker. The music video for Obie’s new Akon-featured single “Snitch,” which will debut on CBS on April 14, will be created from clips of the episode.

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  • bluerid

    im not supposed to go on the internet anymore been cut off but i feel really discusted bout the whole situation.cheers peace

  • jizzle

    obie who
    and fuck you bluerid, thought i forgot about you huh

  • jojochicago

    Tivo! Meth, should do this full time anyway! Develope his scripts too. I think he is a good actor.

  • jon longway

    obie is my boy. he dont get enough credit as a mc! meth do your thing guys!

  • jubril

    i love the single of ob and akon keep it real ob

  • shady zaya

    do u thing kid

  • Miami Monica

    Obie Trice is gonna kill it!!!! Hes the fucken best rapper out!!!! Haters better get on your job and stop hating on my boo!!!! If you dont got the Cheers album go out and get it and if you think thats something WAIT till you hear the second album…. Ha Ha…. Obie baby!!!! ;-)

  • Rammy

    Obie Trice should get a lot more credit than he deserves. He should be great on CSI with meth I will definetely watch that shit!

  • jizzle

    Miami Monica thats not your real name you cant fool us obie your not that great shame on you for lying to the public cheers sucked

  • TrapSt*r Of I-29=Zone 3 Of Mb

    Man Obie Is back With Sum shraptnal in his head..witch garentee’s his average man persona….he brought “Cheers”&know he’s back with “The second round”….it’s guna be a fuk’n knock out with this second round…….shady records first signee….is guna b very big….with tha charts this year…&peeps should sport his sound…….&respect his lyrics……&jizzle has no fuk’n respect for any rapper..if thats how he feels about OBIE”……anyways…shouts out to tha whole shady records set……..&R.i.p. to “Deshaun “Big Proof” Holten”…the search for “Jerry garcia”..continues…….go comp that “Cheers” Album to all u peeps…Big Proof sleeps with the rest of are best&brightest rappers……….may he find peace and comfort with with are fallen angels….

  • G’D UP

    jizzle u talk 2 much shit. put a dick in yo mouf & shut da fuck up!

  • tha d

    does it bother ANYONE that the only way 2 rappers get a shot at network television is as STEREOTYPICAL gangsta rappers (complete with the shootouts and the beefs)?? like, shit!! i can just hear the network execs now “well, we’ll put a couple of ‘these boys’ on the show to boost our viewership among early 20′s black males”. brutal!!

  • tha d

    when 9-11 hit, they pulled terrorist movies off the air. when Katrina and the Asian tsunami hit, they pulled shows about natural disasters off the air. a rapper gets shot..keep up the production. fucking Corporate America!

  • monique

    I have to give it up to obie since i love his music and i support anyone who has made it from detroit my home wassup. any ways i think it will open many peoples eyes because alot of people have been sleeping on Obie for a minute. Secondly jizzle u talk alot of shit u just hatin becuase everyone knows obie and who are you? thirdly THA D ant nobody trying to here no damn history.

  • tha d

    yes monique. u as the typical viewer can’t see past the fact that it is stereotypical casting of black rappers. would Mos Def settle to be cast as a rapper in a feud?? think about it. than again, don’t. oh yeah, and people have been sleeping on Obie?? did he rap in the show? i don’t know i didn’t watch, however, would a 30 sec clip of him rapping (if he did) convince any average viewer that he got skills?? seriously now!

  • C$M

    rest in peace “BIG PROOF” and good luck to Obie.

  • J’B

    jizzle nigga shut that crack opening,and get back to dick sucking,bitch you just hatin coz aint nobody give a fuck about a nobody ass nigga like u ………..

  • derrick suggs

    obie what up man whatup wit dem boys that roll wit royce. they cool now that proof passed because royce underground shit was dirty man! niggaz come together on some free the world shit or what!

  • Ca$his

    Who da fuck you think you be Jizzle sounds like jizz and dats all u got in yo mouth nigga…Obie’s killin it now wit alll dat shit..Jizzzle ain’t no one give a fuck bout you son back the fuck up and let real peeps shout out to the OG’s….R.I.P. Proof..Go cop the 2nd round boy and listen to sum real Hip-Hop..Jizzle keep sukin dick and maybe you might make it as a gay porn star (MAYBE) but to yall who hatin on obie “FUCK DAT”.PEACEEEE

  • Jacob

    What is the Jay-Z song played in the episode