Arrest Warrant Issued for The Game After Missed Court Date

game.jpgCompton MC The Game may be arrested again after a warrant was issued following his failure to attend a court appearance on March 28 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The rapper was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after police confronted him while signing autographs at the Four Seasons Towne Center mall. The Game was reportedly wearing a Halloween mask and being rowdy, which prompted police to ask him to remove the mask and leave the premises. After refusing, he was arrested. An attorney for The Game told MTV on Friday (April 14) that he was unaware of the warrant.

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  • B-boy

    Cops need to stop gettin people in trouble for nothing or just for having fun Game was probably just playing around and it’s stupid that he got in trouble



  • Change please…

    Here we go again, isn’t this the same shit on the dvd? Game should be able to use the footage of the dvd as a defense cause them mothafuckas was batin him down 4 no fuckin reason. If it’s the same shit of the dvd…

  • http://xxl josh gilbert

    ya game you keep on doing your thing cuz fuck the police and the crips piru for life

  • http://xxl josh gilbert

    ya game you keep on doing your thing cuz fuck the police and the crips piru for life nigga

  • 50 Cent “The BOSS”

    Fuck The Game mothafucker ain’t no gangsta tryin to be hard then he should at least go to jail get fuck doggystyle like he said. GGG-Unot fuck you Game cock siker.

  • ceL

    the police fuck with people all the time….but dont u all think that a celebrity should face the same charges we would? u KNOW if it was any of us….we’d b in jail right now! besides…he gets locked up in the dvd…so dont u think he was informed about the court date then? im all about staying true 2 who i am…but he is a multiplatinum selling artist…he needs 2 b thinking about his child and planning 4 the future instead of doing stupid shit in a mall in the south!

  • taahir

    yo game keep doin ur thing and fuck da 5o.ggg..gggg..Gunit

  • Rammy

    The police are stupid and they’re a bunch of fuckin bullies.

  • yo momma’s man

    Game will never drop another hot ablum……NEVER

  • Mash

    fuck the pigs!
    this is some wack-ass bullshit.
    But so is that G-UNOT shit. why you all gotta be dissin 50. He and Game already reconciled and sorted out their problems y’all be yelling bout old ass shit. I love Game coz he spits that firey west coast shit but i also love 50 coz of his flow every1 just chill
    much love

  • C.Smalls

    A yo momma’s man I don’t even know what make you say some shit like that. And it makes me wonder if people like you hate on game because he’s where you want to be at or you a 50 fan and you mad as fuck that game flow is 10x better than that faggot ass nigga flow will ever be.

    GGGGGGG-unot Bitch!!!

  • jon longway


  • C.Smalls

    you too jon longway.

  • Dre

    Fuck G-unit cuz They all fags and just hate’in on Game cuz he spit better shit then any one in G-unit. And keep doing yo thing Game and I am waiting the Dr.’s Advocate.GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
    GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-unot 4 Life. Bitchs Niggas And Fuck 50 And everyone else in G-unit

  • 50 Cent “The BOSS”

    Bitch Ass Nigga isn;t no muthafuckin gangasta he a bitch, a bitch boy. Spider Loc diss his punk ass and he didnt do anything. Fucker dissin on GGG-Unit. Bitch is now stripping whats next. Commin live from Comptom local rapper THe Game has just rapped two elementary kids and three dogs. Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Just cuz he’s from Comptom doesn’t mean he a gangsta. In one of his sing he says what would 50 be with out any dissin. Bitch what would he be without any dissin first it 50 then G-Unit then Yuthmouth then Spider Loc Then his brother Big Fase 100 whats next Dr.DRe, Eminem, The Black Wall Street, and then The WEST COAST. Bitch ain’t representing nothing but bitchin.

  • 50 Cent “The BOSS”


  • sunny91

    50 cent is a good rapper and all that but come he ant have as gansta as game man fuck g unit gggggg unot

  • sunny91

    come man 50 is ok but he ant have as good or as gansta as the game fuck g-unit gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg unot for life

  • Ian

    Game a gangsta now? Real niggaz don’t do things like that. He’s just trying to stay in the news that’s all. No album news yet, people are tired of this beef with 50. You said you tired of the beef. Naw you not tired you scared bedacuse after a year you finally pissed them off and they responding to you, so now you want to end it. Listen to any diss he did after 300 bars, it doesn’t compare, I smell ghost writer. I thought Jada wrote that diss, because he stayed too on point and had too tight meteaphors. That whole diss was better than his album. Game kill yourself for this, you need to focus on bringing out another good album, because you see what happened to 50. His follow up wasn’t as explosive, if your album is any less worse than the first or sells less it’s a flop. You said you’ll do 1 mill the first week, any short of that and it’s a failure. You need to learn two thigs. The first is that people remember you by your first album, but you build your legacy with your other follow up LPs. The second is that your hardest album to make is your second because the expectations that are placed upon you are going to be heavy. Hope you bring some heat second time around, because the mess that I’ve been hearing lately won’t cut it. “All 4 Sale” (Bitten 50 hook) “Will I Die” and “3 Killas” those songs will not cut it.

  • sunny91 uk

    you don’t know what your talking about games albums are all really good and his got like seven albums out

  • Ian

    I didn’t say his albums weren’t good I’mjust saying that what I heard on the mixes was str8. How many different ways can you say 50 a snitch, g-unit kicked me out, I’ll shoot you. That shows he’s got only 50 on the brian. The stuff put out by fastlane wasn’t good. He’s got three fuck g-unit mixes, but listen to the hooks he’s biting some of 50′s old shit or other stuff by legends. He’s a good rapper, but I’m just being honest.

  • Kwick

    fuck the game wit his gay ass and all you g-unot bitches.

    real niggas recognize real, nigga and you aint that.

  • sunny91 uk

    i hear where ian is coming for he makes a good point

    but fuck kwicks stupid ass g-uont

  • blackwall street 4lyfe

    fuck all u g unit snitchin bitchez

    gg unot cocksuckers better believe that say it one time watch the whole world scream back

  • blackwall street 4lyfe

    50 stop snitch on supreme u bitch ass WANKSTA

  • blackwall street 4lyfe

    n fuck all u cocksucken g unit bitchez u can all keep sucken 50 u faggets

  • dawg626

    fuck fifty u aint gangsta ur a snitch what now hes going to snitch on michael jackson ……..fuck one time the pigs u ride dirty bitches!





  • #1Ace

    man it ‘s g-unit all day the game was nothing befor g-unit and now he aint in the hotties gang in the world the game is a gay and dumd who leaves the best but that the game that y he can’t make GOOD c.ds but it’s over for the game 07/18/06 on that day the game is OVER

  • Young snype

    Yo its young snype the hottest out the midwest (I run Milwaukee) Game aint nothing he only raps about pac and eazy e get some new topic g-unit

  • chuck taylor

    young snype loves to suck his own dick, fucken bithc doesnt run shit, u jus daddys bitch lol ggg unot cocksucka

  • jose rosa


  • jose rosa

    dont be gay game you know your just a bitch tryin to be better then 50 cent you fucken potato head!

  • jose rosa

    game try to be again whit g unit so you can have some money. just because you live in compton doesnt mean you are a gangsta you have son cool songs but you can’t be better then 50. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-unit

  • Gohan

    You dumb fucks! The lot of you! You need to be real! None of them give a fuck about you, just your money! Game used 50 for fame, 50 used Game to get richer! Hate it or love it 50 has an empire and at present Game has a reputation that he needs to maintain with a good follow up album. Games a better rapper, 50 a better song writer. They’re two very different types of artists and Game was never gonna follow 50 when he wants to lead! Games second album will do well because of the hype from the first and to prove he doesn’t need 50, but i doubt that Games third will do much. 50 needs others to make himself sound better than he is, don’t mean that he’s pants but he’d never get in the top 10 GOAT’s. And if you don’t know what that means you dumb fucks shouldn’t even be talking! Both are loving the attention they’ve got from this and both know this will hype up their albums to create larger sales, but neither has nothing new to say, so both need to shut the fuck up and just get their money. Both love beef and both will end up making themselves look stupid by over-hyping themselves and failing to fulfil expectations. NEITHER WOULD BE AROUND IF BIG WAS ALIVE. YOU DUMB DICK RIERS! LISTEN TO THE MUSIC BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY YOUR OPINIONS DON’T MEAN SHIT!

  • jose rosa

    aint say shit about blackwallstreet it is cool whit me yo game have some cool songs like put you on the game but you think you are better then any rapper noooooooooo!!!! you just a rapper maybe a lil bit cool but you aint better then 50 or all g unit guys you can’t work by your self all your single are shit whit out 50. 50 makes your songs better like hate it or love it or how we do they are cool song but thats beacuse you were singing whit 50 all the songs you write telling shit abouut g unit are shit they soung like fucken opera shit you can’t make any cool songs by your self just if you sing whit 50 or any other good rapper. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG G-UNIT.

  • sorry ms JACKSON

    jose rosa u dont know real hip hop so jus get the fuck off 50s dick u fagget ass bitch

  • Gohan

    Now now children! Play nicely! You just don’t get it do you?! Your all dick riderz! Oh 50 this and oh Game that! You don’t know hip hop stop talking shit! At one point or another i’ll put money on it that all of you have ridden one or the others nut sack! Both are nothing special! And you don’t know either, so stop taking the shit personnally, because you ain’t them, your just groupie wannabes. And by the way just because you like them doesn’t mean you have to show the world you are dumb as shit, learner to speak English, you dick riding, thick ass, wannabe, groupie, rap failures, wouldn’t know hip hop if it hip hopped on your head cock suckers!!! Fuck them both fucking average Joe’s!

  • Gohan

    P.S. Tell your momma the bitch better pay me or next time i’ll stick it in and i’ll break her collar bones =)

  • jose rosa

    fuck you gohan 50 is the man who make game famous with out 50 and g unit game will be shit like he is righ now aint say that game is not a good rapper i think he is a good rapper but he just can be better then 50 and i think you know that so you cant start sucking game dick righ now whit your momma at the side.

  • jose rosa

    o gohan please tell your momma that she can come to my house today because she left her big ass tanga on my living room again.



  • Gohan

    Damn boy you finished! I’m sure you’ve missed one. You’ve just gone on a tangent! Keep spitting that bullshit son it’ll get you far! Jose you fucking inbred, stop talking shit they’re both average. And if you’re gonna keep talking shit at least do it in English. And ask your momma who told the bitch she could leave the corner! Get back and sell that pussy bitch, and you can rent your sweet ass out too faggot!

  • jose

    o i think your the one who is always sucking game’s dick. look im a white boy and i DON’T hate black people like you. BUT! you’re just a domm nigga who wanna marrie game I’m just sayn the rea shit look i hate the police too and i can say say fuck the police but again im just sayn the real shit.

  • Gohan

    Who said i’m black dumb shit? Your not racist, with comments like that son you could spark a riot. Watch out for the backlash! And have you read anything i’ve put? I’ve slated Game as much as slated 50! I’m too busy with your momma to suck anyones dick, unlike you obviously. Can you not spell either? Do you read what you’ve put down? Did you even start school let alone finish? Boy i’ve seen pig shit that’s not as thick as you!

    P.S. Becareful with those assumptions, shit like that gets stupid people like you killed! Ha Ha Ha!

  • soghettosohood


  • A MotherFuckin G-Unit Solider

    Fuck That Bitch Nigga Game Homie It’s G unit 4 life you bitch ass Black Wall Stripers that nigga game is a fake nigga needs 2 stop BITCHING AND STOP CRYING!!!!!!G U N I T

  • two million

    hahaha might as well go back to stripping nigga



  • Wacko G

    everyone else goes to jail for this shit this nigga should too he aint no better then us,if u put a shell in that ass hell bleed like us fuck that

  • Dee


    50 cent fuck u BITCH

  • Dee

    im white

  • Dee

    im white :)

  • Whity

    White rule the world IM White YAY

  • Whity

    Im white hahaha

  • DARK

    hell i don’t like game and im from compton myself but fucking typical for the bitch ass cracker police to arrest a black man for no reason fuck you white honkey pieces of shit half of your fagget race trys to act like us and we black folks hate that shit were getting tired of that stupid shit.and the other half just sraight up hates us doesn’t make any fucking sense to me, fuck off honkeys.

  • Mabey

    yo game will never fall his next album ( the dr’s advocate) will be tight with the streets Gunot Blackwall Street – Live For Everything Die For Nothing

  • D KIND

    FUCK THA POLICE. arrestin niggas for bein good to his fans. if someone not in hip hop was doin this the police wouldnt have done shit. BLACK WALL STREET GGGGGGGGGGGG-UNOT

  • gunotkilla

    game rulz
    5o snitch is soft

  • South Side (Martin Luther King Dr., Houston)

    Yo Game is hard and cops just after him because he iz a rapper.


    50 Cent Sucks

    Get Rich Or Die Tryin – Tight Good Album

    The Massacre – More Pop Than britney



  • AZ

    SImple & Plain FUCK COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://XXL Bitch Wall Street

    The Game is as fake as Lil’ Kim’s Titties! Him missing court 4 as little as that is nothing. This change of heart azz nigga protrays something that he is not. I seen then episode when that bitch he was fuckin with was straight threating these tongue ring nigga! He ain’t tryin 2 B shit but a west coast version of 50. Lil’ Eazy E gettin at & so is every other west coast rapper. Fuck the Lame & Bitch Wall Street. Watch out 4 50 new album!


    50 Cent “The BOSS” Says:

    April 18th, 2006 at 6:47 pm
    Fuck The Game mothafucker ain’t no gangsta tryin to be hard then he should at least go to jail get fuck doggystyle like he said. GGG-Unot fuck you Game cock siker.
    yo, first you not 50 cent and u sure as shit ain’t the boss, u not even a boss u bitch made when game’s made bitch. stop drinkin that hater-aid. second learn how to spell sucker not siker u dumbass. and u only say ggg-unot if u for game or hate g-unit.just remenber u aint shit so u mad he is u and ur lil boyfriend named bitch wall street. u bought need 2 be real don’t hate and go hard or go home!

  • Larry

    Fuck 50!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IM from South Central LA
    I was raise Crip But i still got love for Game!!! All ya from da west coast and dissing Game you should get a gun and kill your fuking self!! cuz your worthless piece of shit!! all ya dont know why game and 50 are beefing! Game is grown and let that man do what he gotz to Do!! p.s. all ya who saying dat 50 could spit need to check them selfz in a retarded hospital GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-Unot

  • Larry

    I got something to tell you GoodNewz.
    Next time use spell check!! I wish you would of told game in his face you punk azz bitch!! See wat dat nigga would of done to you. Where da fuck you from??

  • Clifford

    Fuck the cops dont worry game ITS OK they aint gonna do shit 50 cent stop snitchin stop lyin you only shittin yourself coz games makin more money than you bitch GGG GGG unot

    Westcoast 4 life

  • makaveli

    yo that niggah Game needs to stop ridin fiddiz dick and start showing some creativity to get to the hall of fame

  • Big Daddy

    Makaveli u need to give pac his name back and you cant talk about creativity if you using a legend’s name and not pay for his headstone

  • Big Daddy

    my nigga Game is to raw for the rap game he would be better off going in the book of world records as the best rapper alive.

  • Big Daddy

    My nigga Game gonna beat this case like he beat 50 so i aint worried about it i’ll see him in Compton

  • D-BKoI Ku$h

    ay “josh gilbert” you a sloBK bitch and so is game. well game a wannabe sloBK. he all on 50′s dick suckin and fuckin bitch dont waste my time. fuck piru C^RIP is where its at nigga fuck all sloBKz. fuckin false claimer I bet u dont even know why I capitalize tha “BK”. nigga false claimin like a mufucka fo all yal false claimers BK means blood killa. man I walk in tha valey of hte shadow of death. but its okay for I am tha baddest mutherfucker in all the land. I call yall sloBKz now and latr. Fuck tha Jive point star im bout tha Six point star. I walk my life on the yellow brick road wit the garden of eve on my right and the dessert on my left wit tha book of knowlege. Ask me how I’m livin and I’ll say paper thin C^uz lifes like a peice of paper it’ll tear at any minute. G-G-G-G-unit !!! Folk BoI represent C^RIP C^uz R.I.P. Tookie you tha most famous gangster of all. Where tha sloBKz at?

  • Golden Child

    The game ain’t nothing but a fucking faker… First of all you sound like you just got done blowing an acre of horses, your shit is terrible. Second, you ain’t no fucking gangster, there are more people that would love to splatter you all over the place rather then make records with you. You get no love or respect from anybody, except 16 year old s on the internet. Third, get the fuck outta here man… Your albums, including Doctors Advocate IS WHACKKKKK son. Gayme over.

  • Miss Redd (Model)

    Everyone wanna be rappers and thugz.
    Get some money 1st and then give back to ya hood…

  • Miss Redd (Model)

    lol….thats crazy

  • Zee Productions

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  • George Kingfish Stevens

    You see Andy, the atom is made up of electrons, protons, Fig Newtons and morons.