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360opener81.jpgOn March 31, Russell Simmons announced that he and his wife of seven years, Kimora Lee Simmons, were splitting up. Say what you will about the couple—and there’s quite a lot to say, apparently, off the record—but Ki-Ki and Russell Rush were the undisputed king and queen of hip-hop. Sure, there are a select few men in rap with more pull than Russell and quite a few ladies who have stronger hip-hop credentials than Kimora. However, as a couple, the Simmonses ruled the roost for the 13 years they were together, proving that in hip-hop, relationships can and do have staying power.

The question now becomes: Which of hip-hop’s five remaining supercouples will stay together the longest? Can Jay-Z and Beyoncé keep it tight despite the megawatt glare of their respective celebrity spotlights? Will Kelis’ milk shakes keep Nas coming to the yard after a few years of marriage? How many more reconciliations do T.I. and Xscape’s Tameka “Tiny” Cottle have in them? What about our older item Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson? Can they stand the test of time and age? And can Trina and Lil Wayne deal with the obvious pratfalls dotting their relationship? (Speaking of Cash Money, is there really a Birdman in Kimora’s future?)

The XXL staff took a poll to see who we think has the best chance of holding it down to infinity. Remember rap kids, love is supposed to be everlasting.

Twayna, a.k.a. Trina and Lil Wayne

In fourth place, with 4% of the vote: The newest couple doesn’t get any respect here. Is there any chance Miss Miami and the Fireman’s union is all smoke and mirrors?

Ke’Nas, a.k.a. Kelis and Nas

In third place, with 16% of the vote: They’ve actually exchanged vows, so they’re a step ahead of everyone else. Sadly, we still see them in divorce court one day.

Jermanet, a.k.a. Jermaine and Janet

Tied for second place, with 24% of the vote: When he chirps, Mike’s sister chirps back. But can these lovebirds deal with the paparazzi and the pressures of being so, so rich? Maybe, maybe so.

Jayoncé, a.k.a. Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Tied for second place, with 24% of the vote: Although he’s 10 years her senior, Jay and Beyoncé appear to be on the same page (Absolutely no P.D.A.!). And they may just fuck around and elope one day. Or did they?

And the winner is…

T.I.’Nee, a.k.a. T.I. and Tiny

In first place, with 32% of the vote: They are the clear winners in this office. Must be the children factor.

Tip loves the kids—and his baby mama!