2006/03/360_opener.jpgWith Eminem on an indefinite hiatus, Bubba Sparxxx trying to rebuild his career and the Beastie Boys growing into grandfathers, the people’s champ with the glittering teeth has become rap’s favorite White boy. Fuck Raymond. These days, everybody loves Paul Wall.And when we say everybody, we mean err-body—from Nelly to 50 Cent to Kanye West to Juelz Santana to Ashanti to damn near all the residents of Houston (except Chamillionaire and George Bush Sr.). Musically, Paul’s made more cameos in the past year than Larry Blackmon. Not to mention, he’s been screwing and chopping rappers’ records like a gigolo moonlighting as a line cook. Throw in a mean grill game that’s got the American Dental Association on high alert and a No. 1 album last year, and you get...hip-hop’s ultimate hustler! Sure, Dame picked the Asian dude, but it seems like all of the hip-hop nation is loving the Ice Man Paul Wall—even the Black girls. In fact, Paul married one in ’05! He’s a real chick magnet.

But recently word has come out that Paul is expanding his horizons beyond the rap world. Rumor has it that he’s united with rockers Travis Barker of Blink 182 and Skinhead Rob of the Transplants to form a rap-rock group called Expensive Taste. And that worries us. We don’t want to lose him to rock! So as Valentine’s Day approaches, we want to show our love (no homo) to the latest great White hope. Hip-hop is enjoying you. Stay true.