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So Many Diamonds
Hip-hop is bigger than the Bronx, NYC, or the U.S. for that matter. Need proof? Peep G-Unit’s intercontinental takeover. With their eyes on dominating ’06, what else could 50 Cent and his newly expanded crew have in store for us?


Ain’t Got Time For Gamez

He’s certified platinum and helped make Houston hip-hop’s new hottest spot. Who? Mike Jones. What’s up next for the new rap star?

What I Represent

With a roller-coaster ride of a career, AZ has struggled to find his real place in rap history. Fortunately, it seems like he’s finally there.

Throw It Back

Superhead was the most famous female in hip-hop last year, and she doesn’t even rhyme. It’s okay, she does other stuff, and we all still love to hear about it.

All Good

Small beefs, label drama and overall setbacks have made it hard for Joe Budden to release his sophomore effort. But things are about to change. Maybe.

Thinking of you

With the 1-year anniversary of the death of Bay Area MC Mac Dre passing, we look back at the career of a rapper who never got to blow up outside of the West. Respect due.

Most Known Unknown

In hip-hop, multitasking is one of the best things to be able to do. Underground MC Madlib knows how to do just that.



Yellow Nigga rants and raves.


Heads are feeling Wayne and Beans.


All things we loved and hated.
8Ball: Bow Wow
Truth: Twista
Hip-Hop Junkies: Katt Williams
Move the Crowd: Jay-Z in New Jersey

SHOW & PROVE Ray Cash [online]

Lupe Fiasco
Penelope Jones
Lady Sovereign


Buffie’s back. And forward. And sideways. [online]


A crisp pair of jeans
Fashion: Brooklyn’s hoodie fashion
Flow: Them jeans
Walk This Way: Reebok pumps it up.
Freestyle: In the bag
Games People Play: True Crime: New York City, The Warriors
Full Clip: DVD reviews to swear by
Reign of the Tech: Make it a hi-tech holiday season.


The 10 most important albums of 2005
The Jump Off: Kanye West
Classic Material: Salt ’N Pepa
Train of Thought: Nas
Official Bootlegs: DJ Drama & Young Jeezy
Ill Techniques: DJ Irie
Spin Cycle
Production Credit: Carnival Beats
Chairman’s Choice: Aasim


We still got love for Soulja Slim.