0106_360.jpgLil Scrappy >> After first yelling “What!” when approached with the idea of sharing, or God forbid, losing his most promising artist, Lil Jon has reportedly had a change of heart. Why not partner up for a piece of Mr. Jackson’s marketing mind?

Beanie Sigel >>
The crew’s legal bills could shoot through the roof once Beans gets down. Mr. State Property can sell clothes on his own. With 50 Cent, we’re guessin’ he can sell CDs.

Ras Kass >> Yayo and the West Coast rhyme slinger can write songs together about being on the run. Two predicate felons for the price of one.

Kool g rap >> The only MC from Queens more gangsta than 50. We just hope G’s wife, Ma Barker, doesn’t become the first lady MC of G-Unit.three 6 mafia >> In-house beats and the opportunity to teach Crunchy Black the Yayo dance? Hey, Chris Lighty, pass the sizzurp water!

Paul wall >> Unquestionably, G-Unit artists would have the best grills in hip-hop,’cause Paul wouldn’t be allowed to make them for anyone else.

Bizzy Bone >> The thuggish, ruggish Bone would be right at home with the Guerillas. But there might be trouble. Fif’s got a thing for punctuality; Bizzy’s got a thing for not showing up at all.

Papoose >> He hates the hip-hop police more than Buck and Banks. Plus, Papoose performs particularly potent paragraphs perfectly. Presto, punks!

Jin tha mc >> Remember M-A-dollar sign-E was “retired” at one point, too? For a true G-Unit invasion, why not recruit a talented Asian? Does anyone really wanna battle…on the mic?

B.G. >> Life after Cash Money? B.G. probably thinks Baby is no number-one stunna compared to 50 Cent.