June 2005

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His homie may have played him dirty, but if you think he’s gonna throw in the towel, you’re dumb. Dame Dash ain’t done.


all or nothing

We gave Common’s new album, Be, the classic stamp of approval, so why not speak to the man who’s following in Kanye West’s chart-topping footsteps. Makes sense, don’t it? Ask Andréa-Duncan Mao.

more gangsta music

What’s better than one good Southern MC? How ’bout four of them from the ATL? Joycelyn A. Wilson introduces us to P. Diddy’s latest Bad Boy South acquisition, Boyz N Da Hood.


He may not be the best since B.I.G. died, but Cassidy may have just enough talent and swagger to conquer the sophomore jinx. Michael A. Gonzales co-signs.


Ying Yang Twins know their role in today’s rap game. They supply the hip-hop nation with crunk grooves to keep the strip clubs of America in business. Jon Caramanica salutes them.

lost and found

He represents the underground of this culture. But fuck around and MF Doom just may end up being the next MC to hit the mainstream’s radar. Chairman Mao wouldn’t be happier.

shots fired

50 Cent generated a lot of new beef, but that hasn’t resulted in any classic material. This is how it should be done: XXL’s 20 Greatest Diss Songs. Elliott Wilson is the one to argue with.

so much more

Not feeling being a member of the Shawn Carter Administration, Cam’ron is looking to cake up with a new recording home.



Yellow Nigga rants and raves.


The West was in the house. Oh my God!


T.I. and Lil’ Flip knuckle up.
8Ball Biggs
Truth Slim Thug
Hip-Hop Junkies Tony Hawk
Move The Crowd Bun B gets Austin live.


Gucci Mane
Tango Redd
Purple City
White Boy


Tawny Dahl goes Hollywood.


Fashion Three knockout kings sport this summer’s coolest suits.
Flow Tie the Knot.
Walk This Way Exclusive international kicks.
Reign of the Tech 2005 Electronixx Blowout
Games People Play God of War, Twisted Metal, Star Wars Republic
Freestyle Lace up your look.


The Jump Off Styles
Classic Material Jeru the Damaja
Train Of Thought Saigon
Official Bootlegs Lil Wayne
Ill Techniques DJ Warrior
Spin Cycle
Production Credit J Dilla
Chairman’s Choice Quasimoto


Remember them days.

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  • http://myspace.com/lifespleasure Vanesha

    I like that; it’s gangsta. I m glad they not working with wack ass Jay Z. Damon get at me cause I want to put you to work.

  • Mrs.Jones

    I love Cam’Ron!!

  • Fredric Cooper

    Cam is ovarated!!

  • LadyCarter

    Vanesha, shut the hell up!! What r u saying??? Anyway, Dame knew his position from day 1..HE’S the HYPE MAN that’s all is ever was and that’s all he ever will be, go sit down somewhere and be happy with what the man left ya ass