Big Sean, Most Stylish

Photography by Travis Shinn
Gov’t Name: Sean Anderson
Age: 22
Reppin’: Detroit
Notable Releases: Single: “Get’cha Some,” 2007; Mixtapes: Finally Famous, 2007, and UKNOWBIGSEAN, 2009
Currently Working On: Mixtape: Finally Famous, Vol. 3: B.I.G., due February 2010; Appearances on Kanye West’s upcoming album; As-yet-untitled debut album
Label: G.O.O.D. Music/Island Def Jam
Aligned With: Kanye West
Side Hustle: Modeling
The Next 10 years in Hip-Hop Will Be… “legendary.”

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  • Ac@pella!

    I’m pullin’ 4 EVERYBODY BUT OJ on this cover, but Big Sean is from my hometown of Detroit, so I gotta root for homie the most…besides J. Cole, cause that’s my nigga. Lol!

  • Anonymous

    this really doesn’t sound like big sean

  • Nick12

    this really doesn’t sound like big sean

  • Nick12

    this really doesn’t sound like big sean

    • tha homie

      man u gottabe straight stupid if u dont think this sounds like big sean

  • WhoKnows

    Too bad that’s Jay Rock’s vid and not Big Sean’s.LOL

  • Reina Robinson

    Hahahha silly XXL


    so where the fuck is big sean freestyle

    • RealFresh

      this is it wtf

  • click

    click to hear Big Sean

    Dopest dude out in a long time in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    go to to hear BIG SEAN

    Dopest dude out in a long time

  • anonymous

    that sounds like jay rock

  • Jay-Credible

    XXL must know that Sean doesnt get any burn on G.O.O.D. Music. They didnt even bother to put his actually freestyle vid on here. Good work XXL. LMAO

  • http://Comcast Big SEAN

    Hey idiots, u tryna make Big Sean not win. This nigga know wat he doin, and u ain’t even puttin him out there! Fuck Ya’ll XXL. Dumbasses can’t let a nigga get a break.

  • Anonymous

    that freestyle was from “supa dupa lemonade freestyle” he could of did better though

    • chiff

      yeah i noticed that too

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  • hiphopbaby76

    i like the flow, but im rooting for nipps…wes,wes all day!! ay pill, wiz r cool too.

  • Kid Ikarus

    i used to hate on this dude cause Big Sean was supposed to be my rap name, but he carry’s it well, and i like my new name better anyway.

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  • DChick

    Im From The D. He Reps the D.
    He has good music, dope beats, man he’s hot.
    Detroit needs to get with it, if we dont start supporting our artist more instead of hating on them we arent getting anywhere.

  • drew

    you guys are dumb as hell.
    this is big sean. not jay rock. know what your talkin bout.

  • Anonymous

    its from supa dupa lemonade, u fuck tards

  • Anonymous

    man he smooth but if any rapper outta detroit gotta be up here it shuld be stretch money man coldest rapper in the D

  • Pearl Hanley

    Hehe am I actually the only reply to this incredible article?

  • Fred Bernal

    If only more than 63 people could hear about this..

  • Lynnette Kuhn‘s done it again. Great writing.

  • Raymond Snell

    You have done it once again. Great read.

  • Terrence Harris

    I’m rooting for Big Sean too cause he’s from my city. I hope this dude blows up fo real.

  • LaDonne

    The freestyle came out before he made supa dupa lemonade and if u really listened to big sean then you’d know that this is big sean and not that nigga jay rock fucking faggots