XXL Presents the 2012 Freshman Class

  • dun

    where’s gambino atttt????????????????

  • Will

    Hey, does anyone on here know if Tech N9ne is a freshman or not? 8-)

    And what’s with everyone having a weapon made of gold? Is the magazine trying to say that violence and money is all Hip Hop is about anymore? Man I miss the good old days when Hip Hop was about social commentary and blah blah blah (tuned me out already when I got off the violence, bitches, and grills huh, hehehe)… Yeah, I’m an old Hip Hop head, lol.


    d prizzy SAY SUMMIN !

  • Scott T

    Why the is rascoe dash on this bitch . that nigga been out for 5 years he anit not freshman

  • http://twitter.com/TheGatzby The Gatzby


  • LTFU87

    you are all faggots for calling each other faggots so just stfu and get over what he said or she said it dont matter it is just fucking music thats all who gives a fuck what you like or listen to!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.hill.796774 Terry Hill

    Not all of em R freshmen just not getting the buzz the deserve a faw wack 1′s but just my opinion I aint no rullin figure just no what I like!

  • MusicNeedsMeaning

    Man Macklemore is dope af, and all of the people you just mentioned have been out for minute. Calm down, MGK, macklemore, hopsin and danny brown are dope af.

  • stoner4life

    thats was up MGK on there LTFU

  • stoner4life

    ayye long time coming kid ink

  • http://twitter.com/RoyaLty40ne5 Fanua415ive

    Hopsin Realest outta All Of Them Best Lyricist on that Cover

  • Leo

    and iggy <3

  • Reifer1

    STS should be on 2013! Agreed

  • http://www.facebook.com/tha.verdict Tha Verdict

    this rapper tha verdict out of phx az with tiff&westin we the next big thing to hit the sceen follow us on facebook for everthing u need to know and r music is impaccable tha verdict nigga

  • Bo

    No Action Bronson…

  • http://twitter.com/Gone_2_Skool $kool Boii Twilley

    Hopsin #Dope #DannyBrown #Dope #kidInk #Dope #French #Dope #Macklemore #Dope Everybody Else #Shitty

  • picker

    left for you

  • Badesha187

    where the fuck is fredo tadoe and sosa?

  • Gianni

    Okay pal, you’re probably listening to lil wayne right now you fuckin plug

  • manthefuckup

    so now that riff raff isnt on this list we have a collection of complete shitheads. tryhards, just like the fags who listen to them. LOL

  • Playo1027

    roscoe dash is not a rookie where do they come up with this shit at

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000429607368 James Bell Jr.

    Joey Bada$$

  • eyyyy

    Seeing MGK, Hopsin, Macklemore and all them in the same room… it’s crazy.

  • Lilwaynesucksass

    Oh, Really? Hopsin and Odd Future ruin hip-hop? Next thing you know, you’re going to say Lil Wayne is a good rapper. Lol.

  • Emulous

    listen asshole. oddfuture are the only rappers that are orginal enough to express themselevs and say what that feel. youre just an ignorant ass punk faggot who probably listen to lil wayne and drak while your sucking tech 9s dick. oh and you CANNOT talk about hopsin unless youve ever listend to illmind of hopsin 5

  • Emulous

    oh by the way THE BEST ARTIST out there (my opnion) lupe, eminem, childish gambino, ab-soul, joey badass, earl sweatshirt, kendrick, and capital steez. #emulous. johnny and tony google me bitch!



  • sav

    robb bank$

  • yasmine


  • Scientist

    Hopsin and Macklemore are dope

  • cabdi

    i want six

  • Nortey Dowuona

    Nope, Hopsin’s a better artist but not a better rapper. Listen to “Tron Cat” and then listen to “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4″. Tyler’s a superior rapper to Hopsin but that doesn’t make him the better artist though.

  • Nortey Dowuona

    Actually, Macklemore and Machine Gun Kelly are also pretty good, but only MGK is anywhere close to Hopsin.

  • Nortey Dowuona

    Then get XXL to put MrToxicRaps, Lil Edd, Gia Medley, Blaze J and Frank Anthony on the 2013 cover. They’re clearly better than Earl.

  • Nortey Dowuona

    Kendrick made the 2011 cover, Tyler’s Freshmen cover ship has sailed. Hodgy isn’t going to get the pick to be VOTED FOR. Only Domo and Earl will be put on the cover as the traditional “sorry the list is wack, here are some good rappers to make it worth looking at” picks.

  • sohail


  • http://twitter.com/FckYouBrennan Brennan

    MGK best of class

  • http://twitter.com/UrbZzZzZ Adam Urbanczyk

    hopsin’s a maniac. hatin ass dude lol

  • remy

    tf niggKKa u ztupid

  • remy

    gKet TF out of thyz world

  • Lace Up Bitch

    Dude with the guy with the cup sucks ass lol MGK and Hopsin murdered it


    the fuck is this weres asap rocky atlest yall niggas got hopsin n MGK AND FRENCH BUT NO ASAP