Translee gets out of his own way in the new visual for "Lost in the Sauce," the lead single off the Atlanta-based rapper's upcoming project, #MAOTP. 

The DJ Southanbred-directed clip finds Translee taking a stroll through the woods and voicing his discontent with the music industry, his plans to climb the charts and more. He also isn't afraid to call out rappers by name. The Huntsville, Ala. native spits, "Yelawolf says he's with the flag, but I ain't with the flag, and do you know what that shit carries on it?/We are living in the age of information, look that shit up and get back to me, homie."

Signed to the independent label Digital Nativ3 Culture, Translee is coming off the release of his stellar project, Culture Junky. He breaks down his new video for XXL, saying, "The demons in my life are always following me, tryna catch me slippin! Sometimes I actually fall and become lost in the sauce. Don't be lost in the sauce!"

In terms of the upcoming body of work, #MAOTP, Translee is eager for the people to hear what he's been cooking up in the studio. "This is my most vibed out project I've ever made," the college graduate shares. "People need to hear this side of me."

If you like what you hear so far with Tha Officialz-produced track "Lost in the Sauce," go ahead and pre-order #MAOTP via iTunes now.

And check out Translee's 2014 interview with XXL for The Break. When asked to state something most people don't know about him, he confirmed that going solo isn't the worst thing out there. "Eat out a lot by myself. It's the most relaxing thing you can do," he said. "You can really enjoy the food without having to entertain someone else." Facts only.

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