XXL‘s 2012 Freshman Class Cypher [Part 2 of 2]

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  • BeastMode247

    Kill yourself XXL…

    • Jack Tripper

      XXL……..this would be a nice video to play during your wake……XXL…….Kill Yourself

    • http://19901234067 Mousa


  • carson

    this shit is hot. kid ink went in everyone else was alright

  • GOATmaybe

    Macklemore is like a light-year ahead of everyone else.

    • Eeyoregasm

      You are a genius sir. Macklemore is fantastic.

    • Jwe$tC0a$t


    • Dane

      Word up, Macklemore is the shit

  • ChiefQueso

    this is garbage. Kid Ink is the only person i can see doing something beyond this, that whole list is trash.

    • Sawyer

      You’re trippin dude. Macklemore is gonna do big things.

    • lloyd

      kid ink is garbage lol

    • http://www.yahoo.com chris


  • J TON

    Macklemore went in and thats about it Action Bronson should of been on this fuckin cover

    • Pri$e

      I agree Action Bronson should have been in the mix, but honestly he woulda ate EVERYBODY.

  • Raze

    A “cypher” is off the head. This shit is written, and wack on top of that.

    • http://Youtube.com/cameo131 CaMeO

      Who lied to you? Cyphers are freestyles, freestyles are either written or off the top.

    • T Bone

      No a freestyle is off the head. Not a cypher

      • Pri$e

        Mack get my props for originality, Kid Ink is just plain to me and sound like he’s Tyga and Chris Brown’s lovechild, MGK has the energy but I’ve heard better from him, Hopsin did the best in his group, Dash is nothin special but has SOME longevity career-wise, Fuck Future, Danny B was ok but more energy than substance, respect to Don Trip, and I’m prolly not gonna be bumpin Iggy.

        For the record Freestyle =/= off the top flow, but I would say Off the top flow = Cypher

        1 last thing,

        Fuck Everybody.

    • Jack Tripper

      They writtens trash their “freestyles” hot garbage….and xxl wrong for calling themselves puttin anyof em out……i can safely say ALL the artists who are on this years cover are there purely from marketing scheme and nothing to do with they skill….cuz this shit was sum ol bullshit……………so again……..XXL Kill Yourself

      • http://www.yahoo.com chris


  • Ruben Andrew

    Macklemore killied everyone on both Cyphers, he’s just on another level…

  • Lawrence


  • Timmy

    Hopsin kills everyone

    • SEAN

      the only thing hopsin should kill is himself

  • Niko

    where’s French?

  • john smith

    WHER THE FUCK IS FRECH MONTANA ??????????… what is he gonna do his freestyle alone????????????????????????????????

  • Alen

    “Yo girl wetter than a wishing well.”


  • Sineng

    god…this is the WHACKEST freshman class EVER…not one member of this class is destined to be even an average rapper in 5 years…where is Schoolboy Q, where is Ab-Soul, where is Dom Kennedy? A$AP Rocky did the right thing by NOT jumping on this years freshman cover. please, xxl…in years like this, either DO IT RIGHT or DONT DO A FRESHMAN CLASS AT ALL IF YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO FIND THE REAL TALENTS THAT ARE OUT THERE….
    oh yeah…WHO THE FUCK IS THIS WHITE GIRL???? THE FUCK!!!!!!! is this hip hop? imma go trow up!

    • Do Jones

      @Sineng – Lol it’s just music dude, not that damn serious. What other people consider “good hip hop” is all subjective, calm the fuck down.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/elteodoro/ EL

      Yeah dawg calm down. Go read something else if you don’t vibe with XXL this year or wait for the next Freshman class. Personally, Macklemore got some real lyrical talent but that’s just my opinion like how you have yours.

    • http://www.yahoo.com chris


  • Nikki Benson

    The difference between Macklemore and everyone is that he’s actually talking about something. Oh, and he sounds good.

  • Yoshimitsu

    Macklemore and Hopsin..that’s it. Iggy needs to reconsider her career after this terrible shit.

  • witerob

    don trip puyttin memphis back on the map. yall need to go check out any of the human torch mixtapes and the step brothers mixtape before you start hatin. STARLITO FOR XXL FRESHMAN 2013

  • Rell

    another trash cypher

  • Black London

    Iggy Azalea = Struggle Rap on a hundred thousand trillion.

    The Macamorey guy was surprisingly very good, Don Trip was surprisingly not good at all and Kid Ink needs to fuck off quick fast.

    French Montana spit the best verse. Ha!

  • That Guy

    How the fuck did iggy beat out xv in the peoples choice? That bitch is fucking garbage and the people are fucking stupid.

  • Damian


  • mw

    Macklemore reppin the 206!

  • WTF

    What the fuck this shit is wackkkk. Kid ink the only one that went in.

  • Hyfe

    Macklemore fucking murdered it!!!!! Seattle stand up!!!

  • RAW

    I would say hopsin, kid ink, mackelmore and iggy did they thing on it

  • http://bleezz.com Dj Bleezz

    Hopsin, Roscoe, and Macklemore are the only ones that proved themselves on the freestyle, but I like MGK and Kid Ink too.

  • http://Facebook.com Skinney15

    Kid Ink is a killa!

  • Mix Belief

    Macklemore…on another lyrical level. Straight conscious flow. All these other Freshman are just alright. XXL could of just had Macklemore, MGK and Hopsin and they’d be fine. Watch out for that Northwest Hip Hop. Makes swag rap sound like a 4th graders first poem.

  • Tarus Young

    Don Trip is da shyt!!!!! I like da white guy!!! kid ink aint street!!!!! white girl got people on her dick!!!! DID SHE SAY DICK!!!!!

  • traverus

    macklemore could out rap hopsin anyday and thats on everythang shit he might be better than yelawolf

    • nigsaw

      your retarded to ever think that .

    • chris

      macklemore better than hopsin?! your out of your fucking mind

  • Dion

    I don’t give it to too many females, but Iggy did her thing. Respect.

  • http://twitter.com/khomplex Khomplex

    Hopsin and Macklemore need to do a track together. Nuff said…

  • AJ

    Freshman class isn’t too impressive but Macklemore is clearly Valedictorian. Lyrically he is on another level.

  • http://twitter.com/khomplex Khomplex

    Hopsin and Macklemore need to do a track together. Nuff said…

  • Fred

    Kid Ink is awful and it was embarrassing to watch that bitch spit. Macklemore and Don Trip did their thing.

  • lildoc123

    Don Trip Is The Best Rapper On This XXL Freshman List…And He Will Be The Most Successful Of All Of Em’

  • Zach R

    Macklemore is a beast! hahaha that girl made me pee my pants she was soo bad, rap these days…

  • Zach R

    Macklemore is the only good one is this group. hahaha that girl made me pee my pants she was soo bad

  • http://www.urrbann.tumblr.com brandon

    where the hell is the link to embed this video?

  • Lloyd

    @kid_ink killed it!!!

  • David

    1. Hopsin
    2. Roscoe
    3. Danny Brown
    4. MGK
    5. Macklemore
    6. Kid Ink
    7. Don
    8. Iggy
    9. Future

  • Malina

    REDMIC would have bodied all these mothafuckas…especially that bitch….go to datpiff and listen to her Ghost Stories Mixtape that shit is as raw as it gets….smh xxl thank goodness this shit doesnt determine what real hip hop is.

  • MiggF

    Macklemore was the only impressive one in this video…this class is really disappointing tho besides danny brown

  • Daniel

    the Iggy chick sounds like she’s tryna be a white Nicki Minaj. Except she can’t rap. I never thought there would be a time when i would say someone is worse at rapping than a member of Young Money, but I guess I was wrong.

  • nick

    macklemore= only good freshmen.

  • Kay King

    Don Trip gave um a mild version…. but of course they made him do dat kuz dey didnt want a kountry to out shine dez futuristic ass rappers. Check his mixtapes out… Ten-A-Key Stand Up!!! We out here!!!

  • trulyyours

    That was the worst cypha I eva seen in my life..XXL gotta b kiddin me with this

  • D

    Don Trip and Kid Ink is what to listen to, go search them on youtube

  • anonymous

    glad french montana thought this was important enough to show up, he couldve easily been replaced by many great rappers who wouldve appreciated the honor

  • Ruben Andrew

    Anybody who thinks that the only good rapper is Kid Ink y’all are hipsters.


  • Ruben Andrew

    Man they should’ve got Sammy Adams on here if French Hannah Montana thinks he has better things to do.

  • erik

    xxl shit

  • MeeZ

    plz everyone shut the hell up…stop hatin on iggy shes a sexy ass confident ass white girl who is killing shit….if you dont think she killed it plz lemme see one of you cypher even if its written and it still wont be as cool…so how bout everyone stop bein FUCKIN LAMES

  • http://Harlem.com Harlem

    Every One On The Freshman List Is Pussy, Real Rappers Are Hard, No Homo,

    You Got A Slag From Australia Putting On A Voice,

    Skinny Pussy Niggers Thinking They Rappers,

    Pussy Ass White Boys Just Being Faggots,

    French Montana Cant Freestyle Every One In Harlem Knows That,

    That Hopsin Is A Fucking Clown,

    XXL Promotes Fucking Pop,

    Where The Rap At ???,

    A-Mafia, Fred Money, Tom Gist, Blitz McBain, Young Ase Etc. (Real Rappers),


    • http://tacarmyradio.com iballz

      Least half this list people heard of. unlike your list. Dont get mad cuz half these lames are here and your crew is still corner hustlin

  • http://Fuckyourself TOBI

    Neck yourself XXL This freshman list is a disgrace

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/video/2012/03/xxl-2012-freshman-class-cypher-part-2-of-2/#respond Rocqky

    This is trash, odd future could have done WAY better.


    Hopsin Mgk and Macklemore on this beat by themselves. XXL would get props…promise

  • http://tacarmyradio.com Iballz

    Chick is still garbage. Mack reppin the NW lol

  • Dk

    Man all bitchs wack espeacially the white boy ,kid the only one listen to don’t know why he would stoop to down to dat level

  • http://www.facebook.com/KGTheMc KG2

    delete these freshman lames….after jada killed it how can anyone follow?

  • WorldWideWarrior

    Why do these people are on xxl cover,why ? if this aint fake that showbusiness is about to be?



  • BurnZ

    Why the fuck A Mafia make it

  • Top-Notch

    Where’s French Montana???

  • Macklemoreeee

    Mack goes innnnnnnnnn

  • Team Azalean

    Iggy held her own & went innn. There’s always room for improvement but for those hating on her so hardd she’s obviously doing something right. She’s shittin on anything Kreayshawn’s ever done and at this rate if her lyricism continues to improve Nicki can go ahead being another pop artist in the bunch and hand over the title of most relevant female rapper to Iggy.

  • Omar L

    macklemore is way out of everyone’s league, he destroyed it!!

  • JFromNY

    All good… and I used to have a hard time feelin’ Macklemore’s shit. But I gotta admit after listenin to his shit more and the meaning behind it… man im just saying guy’s dope as fuck

  • RC

    Hopsin and Macklemore are the the only good artists on the cover this year.

  • twooh6

    macklemore keeeepin it real! definitely my inspiration :)

  • Julian

    Macklemore is bringing that real hip hop back! the rest is the same crap you here on the radio.

  • Limjucas

    Seriously? How can anyone hate on Macklemore in this? Everyone else doesn’t even compare. He is on a different level. Others spit leftover tv dinner rhymes.

  • Jony

    Macklemore was the Realest, , Kid ink was alright

  • Gillateen

    Thank Christ the world didn’t have to be subjected to French Montana. It’s a slap in the face to hip-hop as it is that he’s on the cover.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rgkarma rG Karma

    Macklemore is in his own league. A total different spectrum of hip-hop. Way better than any swag rapper, imo.

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  • http://www.clifficon.com cliff icon

    wack… fr cliff icon could have done way better

  • Adam Westerman

    Fuck everyone else except Macklemore. If you actually listen to the lyrics, then you’ll hear all the others rapping about gettin green, gettin head and other weak ass rhymes. Macklemore went hard.

  • Marcel Biology

    “Everybody on my dick, they wanna ride my pony”-Iggy!!!!

  • PAT

    that white bitch just set all women rappers back about 20 years

  • Bcoupe4DeadPMS

    MACKLEMORE…..The town all day

  • Justin

    Macklemore is dirty, straight up killed it

  • MackleMorez

    MackleMore and Hopsin two realist this year. everyone else sit down and drink another beer

  • Honey

    Macklemore and Iggy were the sickest. Period. “Real rap” doesn’t have to sound like your favorite rapper. It doesn’t have to look like him either.

    • Meth_Mouth

      how in any way shape or form was that “real rap” all i heard was oh im soo this and that i can buy this and that thats that fake rap shit smh

  • zaytoven

    Kid Ink is terrible and did the best out of all them, Macklemore wasnt even on beat, Don Trip was straight, and get Iggy the fuck outta here

  • Meth_Mouth

    wow this list is sooooooo fucking terrible iggy was weak as hell Hopsin is the only good one on this list and even then he is just ok nothing special or above average

  • t-rent

    kid ink > the rest of the xxl freshman list
    the rest have talent and are good sept for hospin and macklemore
    cmon really macklemore i seen your shit on youtube pretty wack if u ask me
    hospin acts like something hes not

  • t-rent

    look at that macklemore hair and his name is so shit
    i aint ignorant but i cant be bothered even tryin to listen to his shit music
    what is wrong with you


      haha lmfao! just stop hating! those two were the best lyrically! and who gives a shit if they were off beat they dont rap to fast beats anyway! kid ink! cmon man he had good flow but just another swagg rapper! i bet all you did was go to a macklemore song heard it had a piano or a trumpet and didnt listen anymore! just because it didnt have a swagg beat haha seriously atleast know what your talking about if you going to hate!

  • Tony Bone

    I’ll box wit a bear before i hit er bare”…. Ahhh trip u a fool nigga big fan a ya music

  • C

    Kid Ink is cool, Iggy did a Nice job showed what she can do in what…25 seconds.

  • Graph1DOG

    Macklemore was Straight But Don Trip Went in To He was Just A Bit Short. But Where Is FRENCH


    Macklemore and Hopsin are most lyrical and intelligent people out of this whole freshman class! Glad those two are finally making it big! They proved themselves with this cypher!

    And people stop hating on everyone else! They did their own thing, and the reason that they are on the cover is because people like them and they are getting known! So stop hating!

    • http://twitter.com/samisdrugfree @samisdrugfree

      I like danny brown but this wasn’t his best at all. hopsin and macklemore definitely were the strongest rappers on this list

  • http://twitter.com/samisdrugfree @samisdrugfree

    I was expecting much more freestyling and less handwritten verses considering this being a cypher. by the way did they just disregard French Montana as a rapper? lol where is he?

  • Mark

    Macklemore #winning

  • Ross

    Plain and simple. Macklemore killed that.

  • MJ

    What is Iggy doing here? is this a joke or something? her and future can go hop a cliff to make more space for hopsin and danny brown on these ciphers. And yes, macklemore’s wack.

  • Yaga

    What is Iggy doing here? is this a joke or something? her and future can go hop a cliff to make more space for hopsin and danny brown on these ciphers. And yes, macklemore’s wack, be reasonable folks

  • -_-

    im off this site untill next freshmen class

  • travereus

    if u guys say that the xxl freshman cover is wack than why the hell didnt you guys voted for the guys that yall thought who should have mad the list then stupid fuckers they gave yall a chance to vote for who yall want to be on the cover stupid fuckers yall the once who voted for guys like danny brown and iggy azelea

  • shucky_ducky

    Iggy’s got a dick?… sounds about right

  • Blotta

    2 words KID INK

  • Josh

    Realize that Macklemore is not a cypher rapper. He’s dope but cyphers are not his style. He’s dope and he still went in on this even though cyphers aren’t really his thing.

  • marco

    Kid Ink Baby!!

  • Yae yae

    This shit is not even decent. For a major public appearance they should’ve really delivered something, this is way below sub par.

  • Zain

    hahaha macklemore killed everybody!

  • mike p

    Kid ink goes hard…… but the rest of the, needs to go kill them self

  • Killinem

    Mack is back and ready as ever, everyone else was alright!! White kiddd sure hit it hard

  • ila

    i love how everybody thinks there a fuckin music critic. if you dont like it be the fuck over it.

  • Damien

    still pissed Los wasnt on the list

  • chris

    Macklemore is the tits.

  • cexcells

    Quit hatin on XXL. Aren’t the Freshman Class voted by people?? They got voted because, not on how “good” of a rapper they are, but on how many people knew of them. Some of the people some of you guys are listing (A Mafia, Fred Money, whatever) are FUCKING unknown. I actually like this Freshman Class. It’s diverse with a lot of different styles of hip hop.

  • gavo704

    NOW, and thanks

    • joshua reyes

      they deff should

  • jamaal

    kid ink is as boring as it gets… mack may be a little bit of required taste but he’s dope, don trip feels like good southern rap… and instead of listenin to iggy i just googled pics of her ass

    • jamaal

      btw much more satisfying then her rap

      • marcus

        white woman ass!! yea buddy

    • http://itzyourz.ning.com Keith(The Koolone)

      “instead of listenin to iggy i just googled pics of her ass”…LOL funny!

  • lantz

    action bronson would have shitted on everyone fa sure but im not surprised he aint on the list imagin action in these cyphers hahaha

  • King

    Kid ink and that girl was sorry and DON TRIP AND THAT MAKLEMORE DUDE WENT IN

  • kofi

    maan iggy’s vocals are not suitable for a rapper, and lyrically….she sucks. Azelia Banks!!!

  • joshua reyes

    how the fuck can they put these garbage ass rappers on a cypher they just wasted their money

  • goldielocs

    this shit sucked. no wonder niggas think hip hop went down the toilet. and why the iggy chick sound like a grown ass man from the south?

  • 3stacks

    lol dude said where’s french n i thought to myself…exactly hahaha

    but hopsin n macklemore ripped it they were the best and freestyle no longer means “off the top” and neither does cyper… a cypher is just when a group of people rap together and a freestyle is when you go in on someone else’s track with a different approach the only time someone will go off the top is when they say some shit like “goin off the top” like future tried to do lol

  • David

    1. Hopsin
    2. Roscoe
    3. Danny Brown
    4. MGK
    5. Macklemore
    6. Don
    7. Kid Ink
    8. Iggy
    9. Future

  • Noemi

    Wow Macklemore continues to blow my mind…two thumbs up

  • eng

    this freshman class was some bs… schoolboy q or ab soul should have been on this list

  • Diz

    Iggy Azalea is sexy as hell, but this shit is so bad I think i’m bout to kill myself…because of this bullshit.

  • Eli

    Iggy is hot and Macklemore is smart

  • MikeCozzy

    these are the worst rappers ive ever seen XXL please die

  • Bradley Bates

    Kid ink runs this!!

  • HipHop

    Kid Ink was was nothing special tho he’s another Tyga but will most likely have longevity. Now Macklemore took it too another level he KILLED this Cypher reminds me of Kendrick Lamar a bit. Dont trip was alright nothing memorable or wow about his cypher. Iggy Absolutely sucked she needs some practice wit her flow her lyrics just everything, how did she get on the freshman?


  • JC

    French isn’t on either cypher? hmm…….

    anyway, hopsin, mgk, roscoe dash, and kid ink have been on my ipod since they cam in the game respectively and have seemed to have actually made a name for themselves since they all first started out

    my ears actually deserved newcomers don trip and macklemore to be honest

    you can never tell what future is saying, for proof, listen to tony montana

    danny brown’s hair looked wack, but his rhymes were on par with who he was rapping with

    and iggy said that everybody is on “her dick”…………………….her dick? haha, what a laugh

    XXL coulda done better but when heavy weights, like A$ap, chip, casey, and others turn the proposition down, y’all have to expect as most have been saying a “weak” freshman class

    but i have to say, i’m just waiting for the mixtape to drop

  • J.Fresh

    Why French Montana wasn’t on any of the cyphers?

  • J Jack

    Don Trip GOT FUCKIN BARS IF YOU HATIN… Its simple dont listen!!.. ha

  • nate

    Don Trip went the HARDEST

  • http://Www.chapter3.tv Darralynn

    That white dude from Seattle was the only one that had something to say. I’m sorry the chick was kinda weak, I’m sure they coulda found another girl to represent. I didn’t understand a word she said other than bitches….

  • Makeemlaff

    Its obvious that the only people who liked any of this are the kids that still use the word “Swag” in their daily vocabulary. Out of everyone, Hop and MGK are thus far the only ones worth any type of mentioning, but with the trend modern hiphop is on, they will fade away. Oh and for the majority of you who are still on a 3rd grade reading level:

    DAT SHYT WUZ WACK!$@#@#$!@#%^@#

    Thank you and have a pleasant day.

  • @iamtwa

    LOVE BOTH CYPHER’S VERY MUCH! Zero hate unlike others. =D

  • billy grimmer

    so many contradictions here lol

  • wooo

    I think the other cypher was a better session. Hopsin set it off. This one never got any momentum. They should have started over and given them crowbars.

  • AJ

    Honestly, how anyone can say that any of these people are better artists than Macklemore is beyond me. Everyone but him yapped about the same thing, just in a few different words. He has more substance in this one verse than the rest have combined. Don Trip’s Letter To My Son was good but still not even a drop in the bucket to Macklemore. Common Market, Blue Scholars and him are about the only Hip Hop left I have tolerance for.


    Where’s French Montana?

  • fjkdsla

    Macklemore is way better than anyone on the list except for Hopsin, but his flow just doesent go well with this kinda beat.

  • Tizzle

    the ONLY person that made a good showing of themselves was DJ Whoo Kid

  • http://facebook.com/kylomusic Kylo

    haha you can tell macklemore doesn’t feel anybody in this cypher. He knows what’s up, rhymesayer of our generation, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again

  • real talk slim

    All yall niggaz are a bunch of haterz. Yall been bitchin’ bout this list from day one, have you even given any of these artist a fair shot have you downloaded any of their FREE mixtapes and listened, I bet not, all yall wanna do is moan and grown about who anit hot and who’s wack. The reality is I dont see any of you niggaz on this list , in the Break, on youtube or trying to make any noise other than this faceless bitchin’. If you can do better put in the work and prove you can do better, if not SHUT THE FUCK UP. And if any of you do rap post a place where we can go and hear you and let us be the judge of what you put out. And Yes that is a open challenge to everybody who has some thing to say. Real Talk

    • http://www.facebook.com/felipe.beach.9 Felipe Beach

      hahaha real talk slim get these niggas thats some true shit because don trips music goes hard as fuck you cant judge a motherfucker off one freestyle anyways like if they have a tight cypher that means there ill that dont mean a god damn thing

  • Real Talk Slim

    Izzy did better than I expected. Her mixtape was bull. I know because unlike most of the cowards on this page I actually downloaded it and listened to it. Real Talk

  • Alex

    Those Concords looked Hella sketchy

  • http://yahoo @sexy_sabe

    This shit was awful, this 2012 Freshmen lineup is terrible. Iggy was horrible, imo. Smh jus because she white an a female she will get a pass cuz niggas will be thinkin of her suckin em off when she raps. I think she trys too hard, be yourself ma, get some talent an then I will respect you. The rest of the dudes suck worse than her, smh if this what rap has come to then R&B will be takin over my Mp3

  • CJ

    wow this is so awful other than mackelmore. phil ade and webby are way better than these 3 scrubs. XXL fucked up and i really hope they do a better job next year. no one voted for some of these people. it is rigged

  • Brett B

    LMFAO! FRENCH MONTANA TOO MUCH OF A BITCH TO EVEN SHOW UP FOR THE CYPHER. hahahahahaha s.m.h. hhahahah what a bitch, how the fuck does french montona, danny brown, and future make the cut. but not EARL SWEATSHIRT OR CHRIS WEBBY? WHAT A JOKE LOOOOOL

  • joseph

    iggy was horrible.
    kid ink was dope AF

  • Dssup

    I am not going to try to tell you I am right and you are wrong, this is my opinion, but you gotta give it to Macklemore on this, I have never listened to any of the other artist in this cypher so I am not going to talk down on them, but they had nothin on Macklemore. when this started I didn’t think Macks verse was gunna be good because this is far from the style of beats he spits too, but he managed to kill it reguardless.
    Just a side note, Macklemore is one of the best live artist I have EVER seen and if you get a chance, go to one of his shows if you can. He absolutely KILLS shows because he doesn’t fake anything in the studio. What you hear is what you get

  • ciroc

    liked the beat

  • rawse

    So weak, this years cover is terrible. Macklemore was dope, he has a very original style and that will help him. Kid inks was OK but nothing outstanding.

    cyphers are written verses and these guys have to record them sometimes up to 20 times for one persons verse cuz they mess up constantly. they had interviews with kendrick last year where he ragged on everyone for not being able to actually rap when they are being highlighted as the up and coming artists in rap.

    freestyles are originally supposed to be off the dome but that means they have tons of lines they have already used in their head that they link together and create a verse of preconceived ideas. all the time artists spit a verse from a song and say its a freestyle. 95% of freestyles and cyphers you hear from artists is pre-written

    • beewhy

      lol french montana aint a sophomore either hes been around since about 06 or 07. prolly even later than that. and actually, ORIGINALLY freestyles didnt mean off the top of ur head rapping, it meant Free of Style, meaning you can rap anyway you want, off the top of the dome, bits and pieces of verses, etc. and rapping about anything u want, from money and the streets to pokemon and fudge.

      • beewhy

        imeant freshman on the french montana part.

  • source

    putrid, quit your jobs.

  • RobR

    I have the new XXL and so the video was AWESOME!

  • tactownpro

    macklemore was the most original and has my respect for being true to what real hip hop is (defying the odds, doing you, overcoming shit, being REAL not ‘real’ ) everyone else was copycat gargbage most especially kid ink with his overused snap-back-hat, skinny jeans, tattooed bullshit.

    he says he’s from the ‘streets’, so what, so am I and a lot of other people. i saw like five dudes that look like him just today.

    as for the cypher/freestyle debate= so what. think about it this way= these ppl had x amount of time to come up with rhymes to ‘spit’ for the biggest put on in their careers and look at the outcome…

  • Twon

    The fucc yal talking bout, i read the comment before i watched the video and thought the whole thing was gone be wacc. Yal muhfuccas don’t know shit about real rap.

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  • Qjay

    How yall getting mad at this list when you mufuckas had the opportunity to vote for who you wanted. I did my part! Iggy and Don Trip earned their spots. Only person I strongly feel shouldn’t be on this list is Roscoe Dash. Nigga is not a freshman, that bitch is a sophomore, he old as hell.

  • assholebynature

    wtf is wrong w/ xxl with this trashass list. looks like yall pulled this out ur ass

  • swagzilla

    Iggy went the fuck in

  • Mike

    Macklemore sound like MGK and Mac miller in one he SUCKS, has no originality