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    Hip Hop’s new hook man, really?
    What “incredible” hooks has he come up with?

    • Mr. Coolish

      The hook for Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay, No Hands, All The Way Turnt Up, just to name a few. I’m not a fan of Roscoe but i can’t lie, his hooks are catchy.

      • 4Dee

        you forgot the best of em all.. Oh My

  • Mistah dub

    i mean i know he has some hooks but he is not a true hookman Nate Dogg is turning in his grave right now

    • Trev DaSaint

      rite rite rite yur fuckin rite
      rip nate dogg

  • 4twenty3sixty5

    nahh he deserves this shit, guys hooks are catchy as fuck.

  • kAseventyseven

    wassup with dudes eye brows?

  • http://Xxlmag.Com Da Big D

    I Def. Fuks Wif Roscoe, thou he not dat lyrical dat much. He’s way betta dan Souljah Boy. *G unit.*

  • Gangsta Thugg lord

    I heard this dude sucked the skin off Kid Cudi’s cock off a bet he couldn’t. Oh and he use to be Kanye’s boy toy.

  • blac dia

    this dude is no hook maker this panty wearing panzy just disrespected real hook makers in the game