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  • Returnof4eva


  • get a education

    Man sit your ignorant a$$ down, i never comment on this site but after seeing this crap, I feel sorry for him and his kids. Casue I am now giong drug free after this no more smoking if this is what can happen to you I don’t need it. You can tell how he sluring his words he tripping off something. I want be buying his album cause I bet its full of a bunch of ridiclious crap that you can’t even understand. IGNORANT, IGNORANT, IGNORANT, IGNORANT.

  • Makaveli

    What a shame for all black people…..

  • AlNiTty

    LMAO….all i can do is just laugh at this dude, you know if rap doesn’t work out for him he’s screwed, back to bagging dime bags. Nah on a serious note though, this is what it looks like to be on drugs real shit

  • chrissy

    That nigga bout 2 be banned from xxl mag next…

  • Southcidal

    A lotta niggaz who dyck yall ride smoke the same shiit. Leave the man alone. Webbie does not make his shiit for everybody. I doubt yall will affect his sales. His fan base is strong in his region and in a couple other spots. Most of you stuck up dyckndabootyass niggaz wouldn’t cop it if he spoke like Tavis Smiley. And somebody said that this was “a shame for black people”? Huh? So rap artist rep us as a race now?

  • Bosnian

    fuckin with that white girl son

  • Toolely

    Man he illing off them pills.. but thats still my dude and u fake ass hoes judging but wouldnt say it to his face so… your opinions dont make him money so they dont count. FREE BOOSIE

  • jpaul

    he jiggin. He on dem jiggs them tabs. the way he talkin and he chewing gum. tabs and bars

  • howard stern

    i understood every word he said….

  • areldub

    i actually got what he was saying..maybe you gotta be from the south or somethn…but ya, he was fucked up (shoulder shrug)

  • 50Centstan

    I see nothing wrong with the video, you c00n ass nikkas need to relax you herman cain loving fakkits! Sohh gang!

  • dj one day

    Even when the child is chastised…he understands the reason his parents are like they are…I understand Parents always love they kids…but…should a parent explain things better to their children so the can comprehend…kids with special needs require lil more attention If it truly falls back on the parent dont yall agree

  • lolol

    yep he just made everyone in the south look bad

  • Six Figgaz

    Major fail!!!!!!

  • siiiiiick

    yo webbie your next song should be D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y, do ya know what that mean?????

  • Queen


  • JamPo

    yea he was high……he wasnt trippin that bad……

  • whitepeoplearestupid

    i understood every word too and im white from the north and i dont listen to webbie

    why do people expect rappers to be role models or care about their personal lives. learn how to raise your kids before you have them

  • http://Twitter Latasha

    Ok,he gone off the pills a little bit.I still like his music and whoever made that dum ass comment about black people looking bad,kill yourself!!!! NO SERIOUSLY

  • a la tisnada

    you should never gave you N___S money!!!!

  • nnikkyboy

    @howard stern…i did too

  • c-raw

    im guessin most of you arent from the south…im assuming this based on the comments. he wasnt slurring anymore than the average nigga from texas or louisiana would sober. so please dont think that it is a result of heavy drug use. im tryin to figure out which words ya’ll didnt understand…

  • mark elliot

    mane, yall will need to come from tha souf to understand whts goin on,down here we dont talk proper, c im from alabama and ill talk tha same way if i was on loud all day so f!%k the people tht posted this video cause thts a real ni*&a,he aint tryin to get attention, he just livin tht savage life, and if u aint from down here u will never understand.