Lil Wayne ft. Tech N9ne, Andre 3000, Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes “Intro/Interlude/Outro”

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  • dropgemz

    This is hillarious!!! Shout out to the white Bun B!!! Trill !!!

  • T

    Tech N9ne dude was the best lol

  • Heatherthebeaut

    Yall is so silly for this! Yall had shyne lookin like a rabbi!!! I love it!

  • etham

    wow great

  • oats402

    ”Tech’s verse goes hard !i!…lyrically blessed”

  • JaxJuggaWhaaaaat

    Tech killed that shit!!! Love it.

  • seriously

    Not enough black people working at a magazine that covers a prominently black industry?

    • bazz

      well well, what do we have here, mr seriously, yeah seriously stop bieng a fuucking biitch and shuut the fuuck up about it!

      PS dont come back at me with some bullshit or crybaby story pls..

  • Death2Haters

    wow how fucken dope love that shit! lmao mmwfcl

    • Jenipher

      Wowww so bad ar u guz a beast

  • mz

    Haha! that was pretty funny. Tech, Nas, and 3 Stacks killed it.

  • john hallet

    is that vinnie jones playin busta??

  • Spontaneous

    This is Fantastic!!

  • Bawse

    NAS had the best verse on the entire ALBUM…………. Im the King oF this sh!t dont B dumb be in this b!tch since 91…….

  • http://facebook SPRnigga9

    tech n9ne is a lyrical master lil Wayne is a metaphor god n everyone else cld fall off the face of the earth for all I care

  • Nicholas

    Tech N9ne and Nas KILLED it! Tech’s part was soo jokes and I like how the bredda rapping Busta’s verse didn’t even rap for most of it looool. Great Job!

  • john

    It’s obvious that Tech N9ne is the best on this track and is the best rapper alive or dead i’ve listened to alot of rappers and no one really compares to him. Lil Wayne really mashes a bunch of words that rhyme together but don’t have any meaning. Overall it’s ok.

  • Jiho

    Who is that cute-ass lady?

  • Austin

    lol love how “lil wayne” looks more like lil john…

  • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    Who the f is the nicki minaj chick

  • GingerB


  • Johana medina


  • Ant*k

    Shout to Nas lmao ..Skwaud up

  • Young Shadow

    Still killin tht shit hell yea, shout out to 2 wayne, tech, andre, bun,busta & nas

  • justincredible

    Was that a girl playing Andre 3000? wasnt very good.

  • http://facebook BAMA

    LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justincredible

    The guy who played lil wayne looked more like drake.

  • Coupes Coupe

    um… this vid is lame a sh*t. Sorry – jus sayin. These tracks is the JAM tho!

  • Evan

    fat tech n9ne lol

  • grizzz grime

    lmao at shyne

  • what the hell

    this shit wasnt even good. none of them even look like the rappers except andre3k and kinda tec 9.

  • JugularKill

    Lil Wayne is shit! As soon as Tech 9 spit it was like (ohhh) then when you hear Andre 3000 (Lil waynes fav rapper) You can hear where he stole the style from, Nas killed it. Busta was typical but what do you expect.

    I still don’t understand who buys lil Wayne’s albums unless you’re buying it for features alone.

  • joy

    i love that ride onnnnn

  • KJ

    this is exactly what i need!!

  • http://facebook khawar

    aalllllllllllllllllllaaaa faaa lala lalalala

  • bazz

    fuucking waste of time, not even real rapper in video..

  • http://cum BigFugly

    damn break some beats down

  • Ed

    I thought the parody was cool..seems to be lost on a lot of people..Them girls was pretty..(I see yall)..I like rap because it has different life…no one is just may like them better cause they appeal to your swag (i. e. personality)..Lil Wayne is the best LIL Wayne there is..same for Tech, Andre, Nas, Bun, Busta, Shyne…Nas and Andre killed it though. (to me of course)

  • DMobb1Hunid

    LMAO ya play too much

  • D

    is XXL ran by juggalos or some shit? Tech 9 fans are gettin to be as bad as Em’s stans.. Fuckin cornballs man! Some dude said “Best dead or alive”?? HOw the fuck can you say that wit Nas/3Stacks/Busta Rhymes on the same track? fuck outta here man

  • Technichian#6688846993

    TECH N9NEE!! A level above the rest!

  • K Jones

    Yo Busta’s dance at the end, b! HAAA! I loved it. Him Tech Nas Shyne all made this. yall fools for this one.

  • http://facebook ozzy


  • PlayerHatersBall

    hahaha buddy doesnt even attempt to lip sync to busta’s fast bars

  • Furr on just Like Jurrome

    LMAOOOO!!!! Tech-a-Nina murder this ish! Nas,sHyne and 3 stacks get honorable mention too

  • Ya Tripping lol

    Lol the Hasidic Jew as Shyne was He Larry Us (word to Charlamagne Tha God) I’m still rolling

  • Jontell


  • Emi Iwata

    This is super. Love it.
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  • sean

    a female played Andre..? lol

  • TacMasteR

    lol is that wish bone playin tech n9ne. lol jk

  • kenny blaze

    They couldnt even show busta rhymes lipz, he RAW

  • Chink

    fucking dope…

  • T-RO

    This shyt is hilarious! man I loved the Tech N9ne and Bun B guys.

  • T-RO

    Haha i cant stop watchin this ish! Its kinda funny that they cut the Lil Wayne verse way down. And the Shyne dude is hilarious

  • suterbear

    the Tech N9ne guy had me rollin and the white dude with the beard as Bun B hahaha

  • Fob CHillson

    Is that a girl playin andre 3000? DAMN hahaa

  • Deejay Crookedz

    don’t really like lil wayne didn’t buy his album but this collab is pretty good.

  • james brown

    all yall some dumd ass retard bitch cuntface
    pussy ass wife lover bitch ass niggaz

  • http://facebook mich

    this is my shit

  • http://google paul belmonte