Maino and Industry Insiders Discuss Lack of Support for NY Artists [VIDEO]

**For the editorial component to this story, check out the November 2011 issue of XXL**

**If you like this video, check out “Maino Vs. Red Cafe: I Know Rap People” right here**

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  • Ms.A

    What goes around comes around NYC! LOL. There was a time when you turned a cold shoulder to the south, mid west, and west coast. :) Oh yea but ya’ll are “REAL” hip hop though remember….. In the words of the legendary Bun B “Down south we listened to it all we didn’t discriminate.”

    • El

      True shit @Ms.A, true shit. I admit I still have love for some NY artists, but it is funny how they now claiming they don’t get any respect, when they never showed respect. Case in point Outkast getting booed at the ’94 Source Awards. Karma is a bitch ain’t it.

  • rawntez

    First of all nobody is listening to nothing from the westcoast really my dude, its basically the south, and midwest taking over. Certain cities dont play certain records cause of the style of the state.

  • kedordu



    Fuck New York, you make garbage ass music that no-one gives a fuck about. Now fuck off and let the South shine for the next 10 years. Y’all at the bottom of the Totem pole you faggot ass bitches

  • officer ricky

    new york aint fall off its just the industry and fans have changed now alot of the fans are lil kids who just wanna dance and have fun and party they dont care if your real or fake and what you say is good true or not and the south has taken that and run with it and turned it into entertainment

  • For real

    I don’t understand. XXL sets this discussion up and the guy from XXL stays silent? He didn’t say a word lol. Dumb.

  • Diz

    ive never been a fan of NY rap/hip hop. its all bland and sounds the same. and who said the west aint doin nothin? E-40, Andre Nickatina, Malice, Smoov-E, Equipto check em out. im from FL and i agree, alotta southern rap sucks. i hate lil wayne. i do agree with who ever said the mid-west. they are killin it out there

  • thugnigga

    fuck ny,

  • redeye4life

    Just to be truthful, it said to say but the heart of hip-hop is New York. That where hip-hop originated from. The south has taken hip-hop to another level but it all club shit. It has no soul or heart in it because the heart of hip-hop isn’t beating. There used to be credibility in artist and what they where saying but now it like anybody can say some dumb shit and it hot. Look at any of the new blood that coming out right now who can actually rap. Most of their inspiration comes from artist from NY. J. Cole gave a shout to Nas on Villimatic. Eminem was mostly influenced by NY. I give much credit for the west and the south. But to be honest the south is responsible for the recent downfall of hip-hop. When hip-hop first begun it caught a lot of flack for not using instrument and be electronic. But the credibility came for the lyric and the quality of the way the rhyme. That why instead of producer name being on the front it the rappers name.

  • Capone MoB

    man all these NY rappers talking shit about them getting no love im a huge NY 90′s rap fan,biggie ,NAS,mobb deep,BIG PUN,BIG L,AZ. but truth be told,when the 90′s ended,NY stoped making good music. thats just the sad and plain truth, and the south just happend to be coming up BIG around that time. people say the south killed hip hop,it gave hip hop a black eye from garbage artist like,soulja boy,wocka flocka,rick ross,plies,D4L,DJ UNK…ect but it dint kill it. the south has droped quality albums,juvenile 400 degrees,B.G chopper city in the ghetto,three 6 mafia when the smoke clears,project pat,mista dont play,young jeezy,thug motivation,master p GHETTO D. those rappers aint lyrical,but you cant deny the music in those albums. the production was TOP NOTCH.especially from three 6 mafia. you dont have to be lyrical to make GREAT music. case in point,50 cent get rich or die tryin’. aint nothing lyrical about 50 cent,and that album sold like hot cakes,cuz of the music on there not the lyrics.
    what was lyrical about P.I.M.P? in da club? back down? if anything 50 cent and NY rappers should be thanking down south niggaz cuz down south rappers opened up the avenue for NY rappers that arent lyrically talented to be able to get a deal and have succesful songs on the in point jim jones we fly high,jones is the east coast version of wocka flocka hes trash! but yet the nigga had a hit. remember that dude MIMS? this is why im hot? i bet any money jim jones and mims would of never gotten a record deal in the 90′s.but since the south brought a more simpler style of music they were able to get deal and have hits on MTV. plus maino is a GREAT example of garbage east coast artist. let me hear your music,lets see what you bring to the table, you dont bring shit. east coast artist have been makin garbage music,theres just very few exceptions. they get mad the south is getting shine but they dont listen to there garbage music. NY rap is trash right about now,and it has nothing to do with the south. niggaz could spit,but there songs are str8 wack! NY rappers should take a page from mid-west niggaz.
    mid-west niggaz like lupe fiasco,kanye,eminem..ect are lyrical niggaz but at the same time they are able to sell their music to this ring tone generation. shit i should be a fuckin A&R for new york rappers cuz they obviously havent figured the shit out. on top of all that, the NY rappers need better producers. they stuck in the 80′s. trust me i hate those wack ass niggaz rick ross,wocka flocka,plies. but it what it is,you gotta come with a better strategy.

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  • http://na sugabear

    Now the big NYC is down on it’s knee is begging for a hand out, for years you shited on everything that was not from N.Y. but ,like MOMMA says (The people you see coming up are the same one’s you see coming down son)

  • chandraisgreat

    At my shop, Kings of NY we support all NY artists! We’re located in Brooklyn but got love for all 5 borros.

  • dirtydoesit

    you didn’t see down south niggas crying when yall blocked us, so suck ya karma up and wash it down it some lean, punk bitches

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  • Domo

    Its a lot of haters of NYC i see on here smh if it wasn’t for us there wouldnt be no rap so calm down and also yall right karma is a bitch we did violate yall by booing yall off stages and turning yall songs down for radio play but the fact still remains that the South and their bubble gum rap played a big factor with fucking up hip hop with the exceptions of Bun B Outkast T.I Big krit and so many others