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  • Hannya

    Some of the gayest shit i have seen in a while…..

    • Pac

      Lil Cease is the gayest rapper out there, period.

  • Elijah

    stop hating i bet u fat n bad lookin….

  • Kid Chyllen

    How does this even relate to Hip-Hop ?

  • illwill

    Yo, i’m gonna get strong enough to do these moves and showoff at da basketball court watching my son pass da pill.

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    i Gatta say, this the shit!! whodah thought this Once knucle head, would turn positive..Im very impressed. Yo! cease dont stop brother.

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    Gat one concern though, where the kids gonna play??since dem big babys done took over the jungle gym! Lmao….

  • Yep!

    Gay this gay that–yall keep gay shit on your minds huh?

  • rah

    Whos ever ben lookn for lil cease shit? EVERRRRR!?

    • t’s better

      LMFAO.He makes lil b look like rakim lol

  • eggplant

    fag, everyone can do better, fake ass nigga