XXL Presents Lil’ Cease Hardbody TV: Preview [VIDEO]

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  • o.skino

    lol… lil’Cease is COCKDIESEL!!! lol

  • j

    Your old. Eat Prunes

    • Stylistic

      @J-Old? Eat Prunes? Dude he’s 34!

  • Da Critic

    U sound dumb as hell j!
    If u don’t like him or his music then speak on that.
    Probably a fat slob sitting in front of your computer all day.

  • juice

    Got damm nigga is a fucking beast! motivation foreal i’m already in good shape and shit but this nigga makes me want to go on a pull up bar right now lol

  • the juice

    And 1 workout. nigga doin tricks while gettin swoll


    LOL LOL LOL !!!!!!!!!

  • mutada mullah atari

    I really am glad to see this, I hope the next trend in the hip hop community is to stop smoking blunts, popping pills, and eating unhealthy, Its time to get these hypertension and obesity rates down. I have friends that smoke, 5-6 blunts on a Sat or Sunday, and I know all of you see the same thing. I really hope that Cease uses his muscles for more than 50 cent style flexing in music videos and does more things like this to get the word out that being, fit, healthy, drug free and wise about your health all around is cool.

    • JugularKill

      4 real this needs to be a trend, you see how those niggaz are doing tricks.

      I know this sounds lame but, what they’re doing is part of hiphop.

      When niggaz are bored they always invent some shit like Graffiti, skateboarding or what ever u call this thing?

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    Big up!! little cease, u staying healthy and keeping outta trouble, i would have never thought u would go this route, good looking out man..

  • http://index.st/aUi kateqwer


  • Tumor Bros

    Sweet jesus. Does this guy have a website with work out plans? This stuff is brilliant


    Lil Cease tryna make a come back huh?!? Well, the nigga gets NO LOVE here! I don’t give a damn how swole the nigga is! He still a faggot! What kind of dude let a chick do his time???? Lil Kim is the REAL muscle Lil Cease can eat a dick!

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  • sb

    he got it from the bartendaz…google them

  • realniggashit

    that nigga cease getting deasel for maino so hi can get his chain bAck lol

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    Stic Man from Dead Prez is leading the pack as far as health and fittness with his new Cd the Work Out.

  • glenndacho

    holy steroids!

  • @ayo_jay_jo

    this is just ghetto gymnastics. gymnastic moves are way more extreme than any one of those moves. pummel horse. double straight bars or w/e. rings. fuck this