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  • Kattz

    I saw last week’s Freestyle Friday battle when Fury came out singing to dude in the second round!! Chris Brown and all the judges, along with the cypher went bananas!! Probably the greatest moment ever on Freestyle Friday. I gotta lot of respect for this cat so hopefully he can win the whole thing and take his dreams to the next level.

  • LdNSE15

    He be battling chumps. This nigga couldn’t see Loaded Lux with a telescope.(pun intended)

    But he gets credit for doing what he does even though he’s visually restricted.

  • T

    Fury gets so much respect for me. Everybody else on Freestyle Friday attacks looks and clothing. Fury has to be way more creative due to being blind. Glad XXL has been following the dude. He’s going places for sure.

    • T

      Also lmao, they called him the champ and he hasn’t even won yet. The finals are happening on April 8th!

  • j


    • T


    • ragz

      this fool said jagaaaa!!!! lol.

      • musluv

        2 funny

  • bylaw99

    I got respect for youngin cause it takes skill to think off the dome on top of being blind, dude listens to who’s there what props being used and incorporates it in the ryme, lastweek was crazy he shouted out Jimmy in a rap, Chris Breezy, the other emcees rymes be prewritten, Fury comes straight off the dome.

  • wat

    XXL shoulda had him spit some bars.

  • ethan

    hes fav camp is strange music

  • Simrit Khalsa

    The Fury has my respect for sure! He hits straight off the dome and makes it seem so easy. He is a true artist. I don’t give him credit because he is blind. I give him respect because he is truly gifted and is growing each week on Freestyle Friday, hands down. The brotha is gifted…..YAGA….YOUNG AND GIFTED ALWAYS! This is going to be a famous logo soon! Watch, man, the YAGA jeans, the YAGA Foundation for the Blind. He is the next Phenomena………Peace.

  • wat

    Good luck tonight Fury. I know you’re gonna win.

  • younglee420

    yo nice battles and music keep up te good work yo ya gonna go big reall big and spit them lyrics fatsre in one song lol

  • June Da Kid

    Damn, I haven’t seen this dude in a long time. Nice to see he still grinding

  • cheryl

    I’m and old lady and I like Fury the white guy. I give him much respect because he let nothing hlold him back,
    God Bless you Fury
    Cheryl new haven ct
    PS you can rap very good.

  • carol

    I’m 55 yrs old and I follow Fury, for him to be blind I give much respect. Moon was hating on him and thats sad when
    you cant be a real man, and say hey you won. much respect to the Fury.
    God Bless You.
    carol new haven ct

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