XXL‘s Shady 2.0 Cover Shoot: Behind the Scenes [VIDEO]

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  • dsanty

    hell yes, best crew in hip hop easily now.

    • hdjjhg

      Expecting a da te on this “Valentine’s Day”? Don’t have any access to find your baby?
      ♥♥ ~~~Blac k’ whi te’ F lir ts. C’ 0- M ~~~The most s uccessful interra cial da t ing c lub. The best p lace to find your swee t “milk” or “chocolate”!

      Go for it !! You will have a da te soon !!

  • RapMusic25

    Where was EM? Anyway,cant wait to hear some music :D

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicproducer

    good look for shady

  • mutada mullah atari

    wow the quality of this video is trash, XXL step your shit up DSLR videos on youtube look better than this shit

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/jromusic Jesse Mathis

    shady bout to take over again!

  • yelawolf hater

    yelawolf is garbage, terrible people think that is hip hop . not a good image, and just no musical talent, seen him live at a wiz showw people wanted to kill themselves

    • Brett Howell

      The fact that you were at a Wiz concert shows you know nothing about Hip-Hop.

    • WeRideDoeLoe412

      if yelawolf was really garbage, not hip-hop at all, then why the fuck would, … wait for it…, EMINEM!!! sign him?!

      • SlimShady22

        Eminem has signed Stat Quo, Cashis, Bobby Creekwater, etc. Where are they now?

  • mapande

    i hope it opens up as it is

  • Justin Inman

    Yea man where was M at?? Yelawolf is that shit man some people dnt knw hip hop…..New name for slaughter house is now Shady’s house. yea yealwolf hater… dont make me go pop the trunk on U!!!



  • st

    I’m not being a hater, but im not a fan of yelawolf. I dont think he will blow up.


    dham whats up with EM`s chain…. and joe budden tryin thow up sumtin gay ass illluminiti sign in all there pictures.. sigh

  • TOM-E 3000

    Who knows how many albums they’ll put out under shady!? i didnt see anything from stat quo and he there awhile before he left, obie trice even said he had enough tracks out for another album but the record label too slow and just focuses on eminem.

  • De Commit

    When i seen this i was like wooooooord!! been watchin that rapper nazi for a bit. Hard to believe hes been signed since september. Trust em to bring up the next white boy

  • http://yahoo.com Andy

    yelawolf can spit, his voice is a little weird but stop hatin he’s better than all of you will ever be and slaughterhouse… dont even question them

  • kelox18

    What’s the name of the instrumental in this video???

  • Trees

    SICK cover. Im excited to see whats to come for yela wolf. Ill b at your concert when you hit Denver. PPL dont hate.

  • adam

    fuck was em at


    People got hip hop so twisted these days to some its gotta look like this an sound like that. And really if any of you knuckle heads would stop trying to dictate what hip hop is or not you’ll realize hip hop is now universal. If yelawolf is wack as some of you guys claim then why not say twista, bone thugs & pitbull are wack to? They all rap fast we know their not wack its a shame too because a lot of these bad comments are from people who most likely “rap”. So let me guess if it don’t sound like wu tang or some out dated style its not hip hop? i’ m from new york but i learned to love an respect all forms of hip hop from underground to trunk music. Open your minds its things like this that give us all a bad name or a rep that if you’re into rap music you’re hater. Knock it off an use your ears stop being confined to only your area of music times change and so does hip hop either get with it or go to techno music where it never changes…..

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