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  • Pocket Science

    You All good, Just yesterday we had some heads pumped up ugly, Especially my little bro. what song was it? Pete Rock & Inspectah Deck! with race cars in the video….man I’m buggin its mad late, well
    no matter how much the office jerks, Push solid groups & brain wash radio waves with handsomeboymodelingschool rejects,aka Rappers! Got side tracked for a sec. Respect!!! Deck….Check for my Producer Deka Derse on my…….

  • lesotho

    Inspectah has always been one of my favourites. Looking forward to the albums. Real honest black brother.

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  • MC Conditioner

    Inspectah Deck is the most underrated emcee of all time

  • adrian smith

    r.i.p guru gang starr 4ever full clip just 2 get a rep music live on