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    The hardest out the west…

    Nip Hussle is the only inspiration (and 211) that i get from out here in L>A…

    Game is fake….

  • tha G

    get ya paper nipsey i see your hustle grind my nigga im coping your album when it drops!!!!a true real nigga right hear.

  • born to shine

    this cat right here is one of the hardest to ever step feet in this rap game. You absolutely have to respect homie and his relentlessness, his grind, his hussle. And dude is smart. I love to see smart street niggas make shit happen.

  • dwidoderally

    nippels hussle , a dont know how people can be related to your style ! cuz u dont have one / u a fake / a bet evry move u do u learn it from others / u aint

  • tronthadon

    Its alot of new artist spittin that hip hop real shit..but outta all of em you my favorite bruh..and this comin from a nigga born and raised in tha souf get that money and keep bangin that gangsta shit i been a fan since day one and when tha album drop im copin it

  • Opal Ellyse

    Nipsey is real. . I met this man and he was hella cool, his story is inspiring, how he really hustled that shh for himself. . . and I saw the shh first hand, he did his show and then was right back to work, he’s a smart dude n I see the world is getting to see that. . . nice Video XXL, love to ya Hussle:)

  • masiliso


  • SINZ


  • CHuBByRichKidd

    One Thing i Have To Say…iS my niggah NIPSEY IS FUll Throttle with this shit…come from nuthing to domething….i remember when my nigga started when he first putout bullets aint got no name volume 1 closer than close was a hit…niggahs gonna see my nigga with that shit…