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  • OG Matt Herbz

    Was that the homey DP with the interview? Good looking, Dallas. The measuring tape had to come out though. You should have also mentioned the tattoo fiasco. I’m rolling through my Slaughterhouse CD right now as we speak. First in Best Buy this morning to cop it.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Professor Daddy-O

    This is a brilliant idea/show. People nowadays often speak of the death of Hip-Hop. XXL not only proves then wrong, but also continues the struggle for valuable content in the genre. Slaughterhouse, keep doing your thing, HOPEFULLY it will inspire others. Was that Tuffy behind the camera?

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  • RWord

    I really disappointed that Raekwon choose to do a publicity stunt to sell his album. Shit, Slaughterhouse didnt even do that!

  • P. Harris

    I’m sorry, I mean slaughterhouse… yeah their nice…


    EMC >>>>> Slaughterhouse…

    Yeah, I said it…

    If you haven’t heard of EMC… it’s Punch & Words, MastaAce, and Strick and I think they would take slaghterhouse lyrically… even royce and royce is my nigga…