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  • Teddy

    all 50 does is do interviews and analyze everyone else (hate) and for all his smartness (jealousy) he cant take his own advice and put out good music since he seems to know so much about what the public (his favorate word to insult the listeners like we are all sheep with no brains)will do and want and all this rubbish he talks all he does it talk no album yet just hate on everyone your not t.i wayne drake kanye who actually make music people like and then analyize some more and then make stupid statements in interviews like everyone is only concerned with sales and not making good music when he was the one who was always all about sales and making manufactured formula tailored hot garbage

  • belly23

    i use to love 50′s music, but this nigga makes me sick now, always talkin down on everyone, just go away please

  • big frog

    Fif will come back stronger than ever, He just needs 2get back 2 his gutta side

  • god

    a real mc interview would have included an off-the-dome freestyle to let us know they still got it…this stupid video had more homo drama than a daytime soap.

  • gutterball

    If you so sick of him…why click on his videos..he has plenty of fans anyway…yall few wont matter

  • http://n/a Rodney B

    I understand how he feels when he speak about what goes on in the hood,9 times out of 10 it be the same dumb shit.but in other news check for my material aka phillyboy on cashcutta ya mean.

  • http://XXL Gratefultouch

    Yo what up xxl?
    i feel you on dat rodney b.
    i think every sence he had came up.
    he just step it his game up to a hole nather level now.
    and people think about him haven the big head.
    like a daddy he want to be the boss or the leader and bossing.
    his crew around and leting them know wat they should do.
    or don’t do it at all if its not done right.
    and i think dat we all should stick wit our own style.
    beinged a rapper or just a r&b singer.
    how i feel about it every body need to be they self.
    and stop alot of hated on the next men or women.
    who is trying to get in the game or grinding.
    to jump into the hip hop game why life is not fair dats wat they say.

  • Steve essola

    Slt suis tombé sur le site par hasard et je trouve les news intéressantes.faites un effort d’adapter les pages aux tel.a+



  • Brandon

    Yo you that hate on 50 is all ways talking shitting on 50, it is never enough for you fucking haters. The man put out mixtapes on his website and have book deal and movies. Lil Wayne and all of the others ghetto motherfucker can’t fit in with white folk and talk like the have some sense without using slang or the N word. If you hate on 50 because he is smart you might as well hate on any one that hate a degree fucking dirtbags!!!!! Keep hatin to working at safeway and Burger King bitch

  • jose

    Whats the beat playing in 00.19? its crazy thx