Lil’ Flips: Mos Def – “Osama Is Chewbacca Out This Bitch”

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    This is a perfect example of when conspiracy theories go wrong. Yes sadam exists check out the power of nightmare documentary. The issue is not if he exists or not it is how he has been hyped up to dr doom/ lex luthor super villian status. They want to establish a facist muslim state now I think all religion is B.S. but this is a perfect example of when religion takes advantage of poor people who live in a vaccum. There was a list of demands dude they want western powers to end its influences in the middle east and stay out then they want to be able to wage war and establish religious states. They want to wage war and destroy the zionist state of Israel whose existance it based on more stupid religious B.S. Now I know this isn’t a true list but objectives and if you think about it what they want is too complex to ask for in a list. They are hoping to start a revolution but their cause is not any better for their people than the western folks. Religious zealots like them make the perfect villians and pawns because their passions are so easily ignited. Mos I do think there is more to the ignorance George Bush showed in the white house or maybe he was really that out of touch but you need to get your shit right and end the rants.


    Ey MOS keep spittin that real talk this wack ass dude above dont know what the hell he’s talking about..

  • mannyd

    chi_runnin, nigga go read a book. Or go play in traffic. My dude avenger is speaking the truth.

    Watch the news or somethin my dude….


    Also Mos let’s say Osama and the group that uses terrorist tactics win. Then what? They repress their people too and they would force their countries off the world stage into the dark ages. Their position on women and culture is ancient in scope and based on religion which is a horrible reason to base things. But the bottom line is the good folks in the middle east need to cast these dogs out before they further wreck their society.

    Now I ubderstand why Mos questions the media and that is smart. You should question everything and learn to listen with and read with a constructive detective like mind. But Mos is letting his mistrust for the media block the truth. This thing has more to do with the old guard in America trying to establish a base of operations in the middle east in the same way they always do things knocking over government and replacing them with puppets. But they didn’t count on the fact that this was a much more complex situation they thought initial millitary might would be enough and killing saddam would win the hearts of his people since he was a dictator but they were wrong. The Afghan situation has been a shame from day one also because the only way to truely break these religious zealots hold on the people is to help the people rebuild and get somewhat of a normal life going without these d bags and let them establish a force to protect them selves with our help. Not fight a endless war on their soil. Terrorism is an ideal and it cannot be killed by force. Their will always be fools who resort to these tactics the U.S. forgets the clan in the south and the neo nazi groups planning race wars. Not to mention the christian identity groups who are responsible for Oklahoma cities bombing and the original world trade. All I am saying in this incoherent rant is do research Mos don’t just spew crap it makes you look less intellegent and I know you are smart.

    Oh yeah Chi_runnin stay off his dick

  • HipHop

    I understand where Mos is coming from, and I understand where AvengerXL is coming from. Thebottom line for me is this, there is no way to abolish Terrorism cuz with any super power there will be opposition. Mos is on to something wether it be truth or not, there’s too much cracks in the reports from the media, and the government to give a clear overview of what ever it is that’s going…period.

    But Avenger your a smart dude, but don’t believe everything you read either.

  • DazzOne

    Mos may have a scary point. Maybe there is no Osama. And you should not completely trust he media. But 50 years done the line when the FBI lets everything known, it’ll blow the lid off everything. Not that that will happen, but it’s nice to believe that one day we will know the truth, because we really don’t want to know how much we are involved. Who do you think taught them to fly those planes…?

  • Yo

    So we know Osama exists because his wife and his kids have written books… There are pictures of him as a kid… And their demands are US troops out of Saudi Arabia primarily.

    Why are you guys arguing about some shit that the dude isnt even talking about

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