XXL VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS ’08: Rita G: Bow In The Presence of Greatness

[Editor’s Note: With the new year around the corner, XXLmag.com looks back at some of our greatest stories and video features of 2008.]

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Less talk, more rock.

  • R.Friday

    XXL lost for that Flav ad.

    • Mista WANG

      co sign

      but anyway she look way betta in da video

      • Umpington The fif

        body of a goddess…face like mos def

  • http://www.myspace.com/lamont2006 ACE

    Damn! Rita G is tha shit! Baby girl is sexxxy as hell!! Thanx for posting this video! Only make it longer next time…This video was as short as tha Flashing Lights video! LOL


    one of my friends told me that bitch Rita G is ugly and i said he was gay. also for that comment i have not spoken to him since hahahahha

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me thanks.



  • Tha Ace

    not impressed with that face at all, and i’m always the one on here tellin these kids that they faggots for downin the fine broads.

  • The_Truth


    You gotta be kidding me if think she’s “fine”. . .body is bangin, face below average.

  • moresickaMC

    selling her panties online…corny a$$ broad

  • Young Swagger

    She’s not ugly but She’s not that cute either. The video was a “head fake” cuz she does not look the sme to me. It’s chics in my hood that look waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better than she does. Body and Face.

  • stoneyisland

    This broad is fine. Point blank, she’s long and lanky like Grace Jones back in the day except Rita has bigger breast. I’d hit that and thats real talk. Wouldnt wife her but damn right i’d hit that.

  • http://xxlmag.com ol’ dirty the brown

    (sslurp!) Yo I need to see the puss. Ooh I wish I had smellavision. Her ass got my mouth wahtrin’. Rita G, please throw it my way! Sincerely yours….

  • mtsu

    she looks like “sheeva” from mortal kombat3……..

    cute, but not fine….

  • Combat Jack

    Not cute in the face department, but she looks like she gotta helluva head game.

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  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Her body is beautiful. I read in the latest XXL magazine that she was flat chested until she reached her late teens, and then after that her breasts really started growing. kinda hard to believe, but whatever.

    as for her face…it just ain’t pretty, period. and her head looks like a cone.

  • Dat Nigguh

    Rita G looked way better in the “Flashing Lights” video. Maybe y’all should’ve had her wear the same lingerie get up that she had on it that video… now that would’ve been hot. Just have her do the same strut from the video & then have her pose with more back shots. I don’t have to tell you that your website viewership would go through the roof. Numbers don’t lie! In the video, she was jigglin’ baby & I was like, “go ‘head, baby!”

    On a side note, why is Flavor Flav tryin’ to be the ’08 Fresh Prince of Bel Air? He should leave well enough alone & stick to bringin’ bad ass broads on his “Flavor of Love” show. He needs less camera time & they need to showcase those chicks more often, in my opinion.

  • adrian smith

    rita g eye candy 2008 dont hate you go girl


    For those of you who aren’t too keen on Rita G’s face, maybe you’d prefer to stare at her puss here: http://www.curvelocity.com.

    You’re welcome.

  • stoneyisland


    For those of you who aren’t too keen on Rita G’s

    Thanks homey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so all that other “model talk” was just bullshit, baby doll is a stripper:)or worse….

  • stoneyisland


    For those of you who aren’t too keen on Rita G’s

    Thanks homey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so all that other “model talk” was just bullshit, baby doll is a stripper:)

  • Double R

    this broads voice is annoying! just wanna pipe and not hear her voice. LOL!

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  • FatSkinnyMan

    She is ugly and she too skinny. She looked better in the video? U can’t see nothin in the video…the body was good, the shades covered here face like it should’ve done here.

  • los-souljahman

    girl is fine, i dunno y ppl r hatin on this blogpot.”no offense to kanye, he died real good”,LOL.jokes.

  • mdb

    lmao at the internet thugs hating on a chick they could never pull in their entire lives

  • http://samarioveli91@yahoo.com steven borges

    iwanna fuck u

  • Anonymous

    this is your not masala move clip

  • Anonymous


  • ali

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