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    • Planet Mohawk

      Yo thats a nice interview, orizis nice wit it!!!the beat in the background is crazy fire!!!!


      Yo, ortiz is real nice wit it, i youtube his freestyles.. real nice main…. The beat in the background is fire for real….

    • E-biz

      Joell Ortiz is one of the best artist out right now. I heard a track called Black Spartan with him Emperor Chi and Saigon and i swear it took me back to when hip hop was real. Thats the type of artist that can bring hip hop back from La La land.

  • jay

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit

  • steve bido

    He should have stayed at Koch.

    • LP

      no matter where Joel Ortiz is signed to, he is goin to shine, f iovine, what does he know about hip hop besides having money? This dude is so sick with his rhymes

  • Chase Moore

    man if they drop joell thats fuckin whack…i can understand from interscope’s standpoint they’re probably worried about him being marketable and accessable to a wide audience…but come on now…not everyone on the label is em or 50…and look who else is on their roster…fuckin stat quo, gage, bishop lamont and whoever the fuck should get dropped b4 joell does..that fools barely been on the label..we havent even heard one of the dre tracks yet…that fool embodies what hip hop is…aftermath needs an MC like ortiz on the label..fuck a club record for him…let him get that aftermath out and make a fuckin classic…ya dig me?

    • BK Cyph

      I cant even understand why interscope wouldnt want Joell… BIG wasnt marketable either.
      DMX wasnt pretty… 50 Had beef with everyone… Em is white- all these artists ahd chips stacked against them and still won. These labels are weak- fuk ‘em

  • Rich

    Has Dr. Dre become some kind of kidnapper over night??? First he snatches up the 18th Letter, then he snatches up busta and eve to do nothing with them, then he snatches up rae & ob4cl2 is supposedly done now this kid?? JO aint the nicest or best rapper out-but he can spit…i always felt dre was shady (pun intended) but now with the diesel look (maybe from stuffing jo into the trunk of his car(s) what the hell is dr. dre doing????

  • hell yeah

    hopefully he’ll drop an album on aftermath hip hop definitely needs a breath of fresh air

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    most rappers are crack babies

    • Playa

      U have to be a racist prick! I hate people like u! U just hate what u cant be and thats talented u fucking bitch! Thats cool though becuzz HIP HOP IS A BILLION DOLLAR BIZZ U BITCH! THIS IS WHAT WE US BLACK PEOPLE STARTED! Jus like rock n roll and everything else. FACE IT WE ARE THE MOST TALENTED RACE TO EVER WALK THE EARTH THATS WHY WHITEYS HATE US AND EVERYBODY ELSE!

  • streets

    I dont know about any body else but ive been a true fan of Hip Hop…I feel Hip Hop is about struggle, its about chances, its about ones inner most feelings. i feel this guy Joell Ortiz has cornered all of above he is a true Hip Hoper.. His songs have substance, his word play is witty I truly beleave Dr dre has done so much great for Hip Hop he lost his sence of taking chances. He in my opinion is over guessing his music to the point no one ever comes out unless they take it in their own hands…Joell Ortiz you are one of the few great ones dont let destiny be taken away from you because of someone elses insecuriteies…

  • pee

    yall smocking crack! joell iz a beast! hes nice! and with the right production he could be a hit maker! fuck interscope! this dude needs to move right now cuz his buzz iz strong!

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  • Ty

    Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care

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  • lg

    shit was to good to be true ortiz fuck them niggas if the y dont want you there its their lost homie. Do YOUR thing

  • fame

    JO is fucking dope…

  • King B

    He got dropped.

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  • Back-fire

    That is so whack what this guy Jimmy is doing…i was anticipating on hearing Joell spit on some Dre beats off the next release too. What the hell is wrong with these label execs frame of mind! Anyway, if he is in the middle of recording another album, he should hit up SicBeats. I heard their production, and it is bananas!!!

  • Afi K. James

    I Hope this is the time that we can take back our genre, if joell ortiz does not get release soon or else he will leave interscope records, this is mainstream rap’s last hope to save a dying genre from extinction.

  • AZ40

    Dre can def. break new artist, but I don’t think that’s what he wants to do now, he’s doing him, but aftermath is notorious for having artist but never putting their albums out. Rae, Rakim, Hitman, etc. etc.

  • Jack

    I really enjoy Joell’s music and i think he’s a intelligent rapper i respect his honesty and i like he said i wanna hear whats next if interscope fucks it up they will regret it down the line.

  • chano

    DUDE! the major label system is crumbling before our eyes. iovine is doing you a fucking favor. you will actually have more creative freedom and make more money at a koch or something like it.


  • tha_best_thang_sm0kin


    • mike

      i agree with you man,50 is working thru iovine to control aftermath,he feels his status will be threatened by the next aftermath artist to blow up not the shady artist,thats what happened with the game,all the curtis pushbacks for last year affected the release dates of stat quo,bishop,eve and everybody,all these artist at the math are talented but not strong enough to stop 50s situation except for joell,if joell dont drop im done with aftermath,i wouldnt care about dres detox or anything,dre has to let 50 go in order to keep his artist and release their albums

      • viski

        wow you guys might be the biggest haters i have ever heard in my entire life…50 has nothing to do with this at all, you guys are blind, im a suspect dre managment fan anyway…on aftermath if you think about it he only broke em, cause em is the reason 50 is around and game was nothing with out 50 so dre got lucky b/c of em, and iovine sucks balls interscope is always the reason artists never release records, they are the ones who are in charge of the release and they always push them back, and for the two people above again you guys are done, if you guys listen to rap you would know 50 hates jimmy iovine why would he side with the dumb fucks you guys shouldnt even be allowed to listen to rap cause you guys just hate to hate

  • 2wack

    finally they kick this bum out,i think joell changed the oil of my car last week lmao

    • Thursday

      2wack?lmao? Your probably some white dude from the Burbs……Joell is dope…figure this out: fysac,lmao!

  • Esco

    Interscope is a Pop label bro. You need to get out of there ASAP!!!!
    Dre is not putting his record out what makes you think he gonna put yours our. You got the whole island of PR behind you bro. They talked about you on the news last night! Go somewhere else that respect you pana. Good Luck!

  • box

    stop crying joell will be ight, and stop put’n 50 in shit,the internet need to stop fucc’n being babies,crying about everything,bringing up other muthafuccas,it’s easy to tell who would snitch on this shit hahaha,joell just get on some premo production and keep it moving yell

  • spirit

    they probably expected ‘the brick’ to sell more than it did. and when it didn’t, maybe they thought it was a bad omen. aftermath is used to platinum hits, but the market isn’t like that any more (i don’t even think the big bang made it to plat). so, they’re scared. even 50 looks like he will barely go double plat! who could imagine that just two years ago?




  • MASH

    It’s all a hustle.
    O.C.’s Champion

  • mike

    Joell you nice, don’t give up. It could be Curtis doing that shit, it could be Iovine.

  • Cinsere

    It’s sad, cuz it’s like the only real lyricists in the game right now are dudes that’ve been doin’ it since the 90′s…Nas, Jay, Ghost, Common, Kweli. These fucking labels will NOT give a new, up-and-coming lyricist a chance. Fuck them snakes…get your indie on, son! Whatever you drop, I’m coppin’!

  • jermaine

    man fuck iovine he dnt no shit
    ortiz is fuckin crack (listen 2 125 grams) and if they dnt wnt him he shud go defjam or sumfin


  • Trev-O-Negative

    Yo joell gonna c his way outta this,and jimmy goona realize his mistake.All j.o. gotta do is release anotha brick(no pun intended)and focus on da production(pun fully intended).Focus did sum sick beatz on bishop lamont & black milk’z caltroit,and he’z on aftermath so mayb joell could get sum studio time with him,plus hi-tek workz 4 aftermath 2 so he could have sum big namez and nice beatz on da corner chroniclez 2.A mixtape with apperancez by bishop lamont,busta rhymes,and stat quo wouldn’t hurt neither,it would put these artist in joell’z fanbase radar and show interscope how powerful an asset he would b 4 da label.Take all these ideas and mayb production from mr.porter & eminem and apperancez by d-12 and a dr. dre intro,call it the brick 2 and that should shut everybody mouth.

  • just tryn

    Problem, Joell isn’t “interscope”….Interscope has a certain type “swagger” they go all out for!! Joell is a fu**** dope rapper, but Interscope isn’t going to allow him 2 come out, point blank!! he needs 2 either head back 2 KOCH or go to BabyGrande or take a Universal deal or something…but at Interscope, he’ll never see the day of a shelf

    • Afi K. James

      Problem, Joell isn’t “interscope”….Interscope has a certain type “swagger” they go all out for!! Joell is a fu**** dope rapper, but Interscope isn’t going to allow him 2 come out, point blank!! he needs 2 either head back 2 KOCH or go to BabyGrande or take a Universal deal or something…but at Interscope, he’ll never see the day of a shelf

      And neither will other major record labels, it’s time for joell to get out of major record labels and go independent.

      Joell is a real good rapper.

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  • DB100

    Fuk Jimmy!!Whatever happens Aftermath got his name known worldwide so even if he leaves hes sorted.

  • Brando G

    This shit sucks…why would dre drop one of the nicest up and coming dudes that really has something to say for nothing, fuck jimmy man, sorry everybody doesn’t need a gimmick or get shot to get on. Whatever happend to true lyricsism being praised not punished. I fuck with Ortiz tough and Im still bumpin The Brick but I hope the best for this cat. I bet dre is lookin for the next gimmck right now. STOP SUPPORTING BULLSHIT RAP….DEATH TO ALL RINGTONE RAPPERS. 410 REPPIN HARD, COSTRA NOSTRA THANG!!!!

  • come on

    Jay Z did Joe Buddens the biggest favor.

    Aftermath is giving you a chance to get out you better RUN my dude, RUN

    They never gonna put out Bishop, Stat or any one of the other dudes on Shady

  • SRC


    • “Mr. Hellaware” Steve C.

      Damn right…..Go get that money!!!!


    Head to Atlantic Records, mayne. If they got a wordsmith like Lupe, then I KNOW they’re gonna be open with Joell’s shit.

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/SBWANDDONP Chris Newberry

    Forget them clowns at Aftermath, if they are scared, then leave ‘em alone! Treat them like a chick that act all scary when a real cat come around, and tell her to go ahead then. You go out and do your own thing then. He want to play with your career, then take your career into your own hands and tell them to go fuck themselves. Then, 5 years later, when you doing your thing and these clowns are still talking about releasing “Detox”, and the rest of those Aftermath tax write off artists still ain’t released a fucking album yet, you can hold your head up high and say “I saw it coming, that’s why I went solo!”

  • http://nlsdngadn wrtuwrtu

    mannn dre aint never gonna drop ortiz… he’s too talented to get dropped. if dre likes him, trust me they gonna keep him… anyway, when he drops his album next year – im deff gonna cop it, cause his last album THE BRICK was an independent street classic… i’m not download his new album, im gonna buy it so his sales look nice for his major debut… he’s a real as nigga

    trust me, real recognize real


  • T Browne

    Soon as I heard that Joell signed to Aftermath I was like….he aint coming out on Aftermath, hes gonna get dropped!!!

    I like Joell Ortiz and Dre likes Ortiz but I think hes just snatching up rappers and not really thinking…hes just doing it.

    I’m fed up with stories of Aftermath dropping artists after sitting on the shelf for so long. Hell I aint even sure if we’ll see Bishop’s Lp next year…promises promises with Aftermath. Some crazy shit going on at Interscope.

    I understand about buildng hype around projects but they take it to the extreme. Just get the fuckin music out!!! Or they scared of losing the rep of the label by having poor sales, especially in this climate. Having Dre on your Lp doesnt guarantee platinum success…look at Busta, Tony Yayo, Mobb Deep….I think they just keep the label hot by having a roster of dope acts to build and maintain rep and then drip feed us the top artists 50 cent, Em…..

    I wish Joell Ortiz all the best anyway, hes a dope MC.

  • nano

    wow this is shit ortiz needs to release right away the game is diein!!!! If interscope releases him then fuck them they are dumb fucks either way ortiz is droppin next year cnt wait for that!!

  • future

    You want to know the perfect place for Mr Ortiz…. The ROC…Jay @ Ortiz would be the Perfect marriage.. Joell Is nice as fuck and Jay supports his artist… Just think if Jay and Pun woulda of collabed instead of beefed….Well Jay here is your chance to sign the hottest puerto rican in the game..The look you wanted with True Splife you got with ortiz with the exception that Ortiz is NICEEEE…

  • Dj Victorious

    joell will succeed in everything he tries to succeed in. so no matter what label he will be fine.

  • nix

    Dre is a bitch….no backbone…..FUCK DRE…joell, do YOU…you will shine regardless of who you sign with homie…

  • Richie (a.k.a BIG S.O.S.A.)

    ALRIGHT!! I couldn’t even get passed that Jimmy Iovine comment!! How in the hell does Jimmy even try to…Okay. Now that I have calmed down, I will say that Joell Ortiz is, without a doubt, is in the top 5 best lyricists right now! He has the lyrics, swagger, style…To let that big a talent go is insane. As a big fan, I hope that the ‘Math keeps him and shut Jimmy up through success. But, he’s into his grind. And his grind will keep him in the game (with or without Jimmy, or Dre!)

  • dr0

    joell ortiz is nice but his shit isnt gettin a good response jimmy knows dat hip hop really aint sellin right now an if joell ortiz drops dat niccas gonna flop i like him but dat im latino joint was wacc and got a very luke warm response he remind me of pun i think hes sik but other then eastcoast he isnt that known

  • young killa

    That is fucked up. He should go to the terror squad with fat joe because he knows how to market a latino rapper. He could be the next big pun? Maybe Maybe not . But Joe praised him in XXL so he should roll with terror squad or rap-a-lot! Fuck jimmy iovine

  • Latin King

    Jimmy? Fuck he know…..old azz cracker

  • http://yahoo bla mike

    if its jimmy for real who doesnt want him there,dre can produce him on koch like he did xzibit on loud records,the music they will make matters more than the stamp on the back of the CD


    Do your thing papa make that goodk music^ and the rest will c^ome rap game/cracc^ game


    I’ll make ya’ll a promise…he will drop a BRICK NEXT YEAR. DUDE IS LAME BRAIN

  • hazel

    joell is fuckin fire. if the label don’t sign him they gon’ regret it in the long run. whatever the man puts his voice on is golden.

  • Afi K. James

    That is fucked up. He should go to the terror squad with fat joe because he knows how to market a latino rapper. He could be the next big pun? Maybe Maybe not . But Joe praised him in XXL so he should roll with terror squad or rap-a-lot! Fuck jimmy iovine

    But I Don’t think joe can replace big pun and rap a lot’s in danger.

    but I Agree with you, iovine’s nothing more than a huge cancer to the music industry and he’s been like that since tupac died.

  • Afi K. James

    They don’t want ortiz to be release, because they want a gimmick?

    That’s appauling and nonsense.

    All they still want is rappers who beef to sell more records.

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  • Bucks


  • Koolkidkulture

    With the game the way it is now, it’s probably a good thing to get off a major.

    Corre, hermano. Corre.

    Boost Mobile Anthem 2.0 feat. Young Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri and Mickey Avalon
    Exclusive Pics and Audio

  • Peru

    Yo, prime example of how majors sign good talent, bench their ass and release the bullshit music, that way the bullshit sells with no real competition cuz the good artist are contractually obligated to the major and can’t release shit without getting ate the fuck by the major’s legal team…bananas how the music industry is so shady…real artist do exist, they just get benched til they don’t want this music shit no more…

    • Afi K. James

      I Truly believe it’s time for ortiz to stay in koch records, major record labels are fucking up the industry and aftermath has been nothing but than garbage since 96 and interscope has been dead since pac died and it’s just junk now.

  • mk

    dre,s got nothing to do with this,he didnt produce on either YAYO,s album or mobb deep,they put the old outta control remix with 50 and busta album made a slow run but it eventually reached platnum,JO said its jimmy iovine lets take it like that

  • mk

    its sad that ortiz might get drooped but it takes someone whos jus waking up from the dead now to say aftermath hasnt been shit since 96,pac is the best ever but a lot happened in hip hop after hi death

  • Prime 1

    Who the fuck is this guy, shit after that interview i wanna sign him. Dont fuck this one up dre, He can use those west coast beats.

  • sean_izzle

    all i have to say is Joell Ortz is dope as hell, Stat Quo is dope as hell why wont dre drop their DAMN albums

  • fred

    hey joell …you got punked!
    dr dre



  • Steve

    If Iovine Drops Joell, I Will Personally Fly To Staten Island and Kick That Motherfucker’s Arse.

    Your Telling Me The Same Guy Who Signed Markey Mark Doesn’t Want Joell Rocking With His Label???

    No Wonder Hip Hop Is Weezing Its Last Breath’s.

    • Afi K. James

      You damn right, I Truly believe it’s time for ortiz to go independent, mainstream record labels don’t give a fuck about true rappers anymore, it’s all about more money.

  • rob fya

    jo is dope ive only heard a lil from him but i like it. dre waste to much time wit some niggaz & then lose their buzz. he shoulda stayed on koch but those are the chances u take in the game

  • fatetistic shyne

    joel is is a breath of fresh air for real hes commin with that raw hip hop