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    1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool

    Styles sounds really focus .

    Keep doing you bro .

  • Ziggy

    Real Nigga Shit right ere ….. Much much love to Styles And D-Block


    much love!what! ziggy u gay like me we been exposed!

  • Tha Ace

    hell to tha yeah team arliss is comin to mother fuckers

  • 31

    This is an opportune moment for me to relay, once again, how sick it would be if Hell Rell and Styles P did some shit together… Those 2, bar none, are the hardest out. Dipset and D-Block are, and have been for awhile, the only two crews that have stayed in touch with the streets in NY. In my opinion, its only fitting that the 2 get passed who is the hardest and make the streets happy by makin some bomb ass music with one another. ‘One’

  • Ill WILL

    niggas 2 damn real…….. D_BLOCK CARWASH

  • beeyo the man with the plan to scam stan for his fan

    @ 31
    Hell Rell is the only hard one outta dipset. I do not like that idea, because dipset are bitches. They have been collectively beat up more times than any other rap group ever. For real, Rell and Zeek are the only ones who I can’t recall getting their asses beat, or have been stalled off on and didn’t do shit.
    Other than that, Styles is my favorite rapper.

  • T-Boye

    Yo I respect Styles Pinero & the rest of the LOX. But “D_Block Car Wash” c’mon now. There’s a whole bunch of car washes in the ghetto. What makes there car wash any different from the rest.

  • 31

    You gotta look at the circumstances in which any of them were jumped or whatever the case may be… And, also take into consideration the fact that all but the Rucker incident and Cam bein shot at is rumor. All of witch there was retaliation for. No matter how you look at it, there’s no way 2 dudes are gonna stand a chance fighting 20 dudes. As for people sayin Cam ran…? He nonchalantly walked away. Lol. And the dude that shot Cam has just recently been found… ***d of course after being missing for how long, and how soon after the incident even took place? So, they get down. You just hear a bunch of bullshit ass rappers talkin shit about them right now because they feel its a good time to make a name for themselves by which they can’t by just utilizing their talent. Tru Life being the prime example of that. Dudes been exposed on numerous occasions the past, shit, 3 maybe 4 years for sayin he did some grimy shit and it actually not bein true…? And as for the true topic at hand. I said, being that they both, in my opinion, are the two hardest rappers out, Styles and Hell Rell should jump on shit together. Even if it didn’t unite D-Block and Dipset. Just those 2 together would be ridiculous. Its just an opinion of mine though… Hahaha… ‘One’


    I agree with you homie 31

  • Holla

    You can’t knock Styles for opening some black-owned businesses – stop being ignorant. He’s smart, investing his money back into his hood instead of spending it on cars and chains. You gotta remember, most of these rappers are frontin about how much money they make. At least Styles and D-Block keep it real and tell u they ain’t the richest motherfuckers in the world, but they are comfortable.

  • beeyo the man with the plan to scam stan for his fan

    Nah, like, its common knowledge that most of em are wimps. My english teacher from 5th or 6th grade in CPESS used to coach Cam, and he used to tell us bout Cam gettin punked on the sidelines, on some physical, mush you in the head shit. Jimmy is a G, as far as money making goes.but he aint no tuffguy like that. Them two right there hide behind their guns and their money. Mano y mano? Soft. Look at the beginning of Killa Season. Look at 40 cal. No one in the hood knows him as a gun type nigga. He went to jail for check fraud, “robbing a bank WITHOUT a gun” in his own words. Came out and named himself 40 Cal cuz it sounds cool. Juelz got decked in Brooklyn not too long ago, Jimmy was there, no one did shit. Ooooooooh they had the dude murdered an hour l8tr, they capos and dons and shit, right? You aint posed to be able to run up on a capo and punch him in the eyeball, much less walk away after doing so. Nonchalantly walked away? While your boy’s getting jumped? In the middle of Harlem? The fuck? Punch Sheek, see what happens. Wow, that was a fucking rant huh? Gotta stay off that Jesus Juice.

  • GAMA

    Styles p + Hell Rell = hardness on a different level Im tired of this street bullshit I dont care who got punked good music is good music bottom line if your worried about the streets than thats where you need to be!

  • 31

    Shout out to Gama baby… That’s what it’s about. “Music” I look at the brawls and shit differently than my man Beeyo does but that’s cool. My point, however, was that Ruger Rell and The Ghost doin music together would call for the hardest shit EVERrRr… Hahaha. I hope one of them read this fuckin post and/or others that I’ve made this suggestion in because if they would make that happen… WOW is all I can say. ‘One’

  • get real

    31, are you that the guy who shot cam and turning up dead isn’t a rumour, what proof do you have that he is dead and its related to that if it is true, do not comment on matters you know nothing about

  • the truth

    u cannot compare hell rell to styles p

    hell rell flow is wack!

  • Rodjilius

    yea styles p and hell rell should get on stuff together but id also like to see a beef between them rell did diss styles on one blood beat called new blood it was hot tho so beef or collab it would still be hot between them

  • 31

    My man, Get Real, what was your question to me exactly? You must be misunderstanding what I said cuz you seem somewhat inteligent, and I have no idea what the hell you’re talkin about… As for Hell Rell dissin Styles, it wasn’t even really a diss. He just acknowledged his rant about who is the hardest out. The tension, if you will, between the 2 is what prompted me to make the suggestion in the first place. ‘One’

  • 31

    “All of which there was retaliation for.” That means that pertaining to the 2 incidents I referred to that we all know are fact, we also know the retaliatons for both… What intrigued you to say I don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s what I’m having trouble understanding.

  • seez

    hell rell not in the same league as Styles P. The Ghost is an OG, veteran true rapper. Of course he keeps it real & legit but he’s talented aswell, not just talkin greasy on wax. Rell has to develop more lyrically to be considered in the same sentence as styles. D Block all day.

  • 31

    In your opinion, he needs sum more to be considered in the same league… He already is talked about in the same regards and is considered compareable to Styles. That is what sparks a debate. I’m a fan of both factions. Therefore, I have the utmost appreciation for what both bring to the table. They both are crazy hard but convey what they’re sayin on “wax” differently and I feel like their differences, while being the hardest out, would compliment each other like no other duo… Like I said though, its an opinion of mine that anybody can understand I’m sure. ‘One’

  • NICE

    im a big styles p fan, i actually went out a got Time is Money in stores just so i could support his music so im not hatin but i really didnt feel Time is Money and listen to his mmix tapes more then any record on that so i hav my doughts about the new record he better fill peopes in on what happend with the last one before he gets to pushin the new one, straight!

  • random reader

    dipset is not in the streets! But i fucks wit the ghost..1

  • kal

    Styles is nice.. to bad i cant hear this shit tho.. but he needa take off that fruity ass hat lol. nd i was readin some comments in this shit nd it wuld be crazii if Rell nd Styles banged on a trak

  • problamz

    Hell Rell the hardest out, Styles P the hardest out. They both can claim that title, because both of their styles even though similar, they are different. I think If they did a Mixtape or even a song together, it would be some back and forth shit, bragging about who’s the hardest out, but on some friendly competition shit. Now what would really be hot is Beans, Styles and Hell Rell doing a track..that would be so serious

  • Rodjilius

    i think they should do a battle and put up some money to see whos really the hardest out


    styles p in P.R. is one of the greates rapper and have street, you know is real

  • Tha Ace

    y’all are forgetin the legend g rap, sean price, MOP, Killa Mike, Saigon, hell black rob, C-bo there are plenty of mother fuckers

  • SD619killafornia

    check out styles p on messy marv and mitchy slicks new lp, MESSY SLICK cop it a or any where else you buy your music.


    man listen D-BLOCK is the most slept on group of our time, they make consistent bangers, straight hood shit, and the icing on their cake is u can actually find them in the hoods they rap about, gotta respect they hustle…. as far as rell i think his flow is aight but not classic, and in his own words the rest of his click “hung with the girls they, double dutch and hula hoopers!!!”

  • 416-to


  • NICE

    where the fuck are the Freestyles on this site your lozin me to you tube STEP YUR GAME UP YN!!!!

  • bigbankhank

    i got love for styles and the whole dblock fa jada kuz he the best rapper out of NY fuck whtat tha haterz say but this nigga dirty right now for looking like barney.

  • Gold Ice

    very vary nice, im like 50 Cent and all G-unit.




    damn niggas must really be readin the comments on here cuz hell rell and styles p got a joint out andits tuff as hell! the hardest shit out right now fo real