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The Break Presents: FatKidsBrotha

The ATL collective Two-9 has all types of pockets of talent. Meet FatKidsBrotha, who are a duo of 20-somethings that have made some noise for their mixtape Eastside Paradise II. Come jump right in. Standout: "Pusha" Also check out: "Last Two Orgy" And: "Miloh Smith" Name: FatKidsBrotha (@DavEofFKB & @LIGHTSKINMAC11) Ages: Dav.E (24), LSM11' (23) Hometown: Detroit, Michigan We grew up listening to: Master P, Hot Boyz, Nelly, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg. Most people don't know we: Are actually real blood brothers. We had to move from Detroit after the murders of both our fathers. So we're not technically from Atlanta but we've been here 10-plus years. Our ...

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