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The Break Presents: MondreM.A.N.

For Bay Area MC MondreM.A.N., his break’s been a decade in the making. From his early recordings with Mayhem Music to the underground "cloud rap" of his duo Main Attrakionz, he’s maintained a single, unifying vision. Beyond the grills and foreign whips, Mondre wants rap immortality, as well as the opportunity to travel and see the world. His forthcoming album, They Say I Struggle Rap, is a kushed-out mix of big dreaming and hard living, and comes out November 12.—Peter Marrack Standout: "Surprise" Also check out: "Fresh" And: "So Deep" Name: Damondre Grice a.k.a. MondreM.A.N. Age: 22 Hometown: Oakland, California born and raised. It started on ...

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