Young Chop

Young Chop Knew The Drill Movement Would Slow Down
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Stream Young Chop’s ‘Still’ Album
Young Chop, one of Chicago's preeminent producers, has released his new album Still. The album features production from Chop from top to bottom, showcasing his signature drill sound. The album features current XXL Freshmen Lil Durk and Ty Dolla $ign, in addition to Chief Keef, Lil Ree…
Young Chop Featuring Fat Trel “All I Got (Remix)”
Usually when someone prefaces a sentence with "all I got," the person is going to mention three objects tops to convey scarcity and desperation to some sort of epic effect. Scarface's "my word and my balls" is an example.
Young Chop chants on the hook for "All I Got" tha…
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