Wale Calls Senator Harry Reid A ‘Hypocrite’
Wale loves DC with a passion. When it comes to his people and his sports, he's their number one supporter. So when speculation in regards to the Redskins changing their name came about, skepticism grew on Wale's end, especially in regards to the intentions of Senate Majority Leader, Harry …
Khloe Kardashian Might Want To Date These Rappers
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Wale “Razor Freestyle (Bad Guy)”
If you're a fan of Wale you're going to like this. If you're a fan of wrestling, you're going to love this. Over the beat of the classic entrance music for the iconic WWE wrestler Razor Ramon. Wale does his thing on her and shows off his wrestling fandom with the many name-d…
The 52 Best Albums By XXL Freshmen
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XXL Freshmen Class: By The Numbers
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Wale Takes Fans On The Road In New Mini-Documentary
Wale gives viewers a behind the scenes look at his day-to-day life in the new "Hit The Road With Wale" mini documentary. Teaming with Revolt, in the video the MMG rapper gives fans an inside view of his studio sessions, performances and more...

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