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Crew Love
They made history selling millions of records as hip-hop’s most successful crew and then broke up. Now six years later, the G-Unit brothers are back together and ready to take over hip-hop again.
Compiled by Vanessa Satten, Eric Diep and Miranda Johnson
Tony Yayo Looks Back At The Glory Days Of G-Unit
Tony Yayo
The Easy Going Guy
Interview by Eric Diep
The emotional side of Tony Yayo might’ve been the real catalyst for the G-Unit reunion. On Feb. 19, 2014, Yayo, the last to fall out with 50, made several comments to fans on Instagram about the state of G-Unit including: “to much stress I flew the wo…
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G-Unit “All About The Drug Money”
G-Unit is back to soundtrack your Friday. This time, Kidd Kidd, Young Buck and Tony Yayo go in with drug-dealing bars over Troy Ave's "All About The Drug Money." Pure fire.
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It's a G-Unit takeover at XXL.
This week, we revealed our G-Unit cover for the upcoming October/November issue, which hits newsstands on Oct. 17. We got special access to The Unit by returning to 50 Cent's famed Connecticut mansion where the last XXL G-Unit cover story was shot...

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