10 Great Halloween Costumes Posted By Rappers
In honor of Halloween,XXL raided your favorite rappers' Instagrams to compile a list of the best costumed posted. From Blue Ivy as Michael Jackson to Nelly as the devil, check out the IG posts below.
A photo posted by DeJ Loaf (@dejloaf) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:30am PDT
A photo posted by XZIBIT (@xzibit…
11 Rappers Getting Sentimental On Instagram
In hip-hop Instagram in used to share memes, jokes, and to show off if you happen to be doing something cool. However, not all rappers follow this rule. Quite of few of them choose to get sentimental on IG from time to time. Whether for a birthday, their kid or simply just emotional; check out 11 ra…
Nelly Has A New Reality Show Coming To BET
Update (Nov. 3, 2 p.m.): Here's a new trailer for Nelly's reality show coming to BET. The show will air weekly on BET beginning Nov. 25 at 9:30 p.m.
Nelly has a new reality TV show coming to BET in November. The show will be called Nellyville...
9 Rappers With Great Teeth
Whether al naturale or the work of a renowned doctor, some rappers out there are walking around sporting the teeth of a god. From Kid Cudi to 50 Cent, check out "9 Rappers With Great Teeth ."
7 Of The Most Embarrassing Instagrams Posted By Rappers
With the massive attention 50 Cent has garnered from the recent Instagram video calling out Floyd Mayweather's reading disability, XXL couldn't help but think of other times that rappers have embarrassed others or themselves via the social network...
Nelly Shows More Support For Ferguson
The abundance of support for the war in Ferguson has been unbelievable. Countless artists in the hip hop community are voicing their strong opinions to fans and the media through any means necessary; most notably through social media and press interviews...

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