Lil Kim

Lil Kim “Dead Gal Walking”
Lil Kim may have pushed back her upcoming mixtape Hard Core 2k13, but she wasn’t going to leave her fans empty-handed. Tonight, Kimmy Blanco celebrates Halloween with her reggae-inspired track, “Dead Gal Walking.” Kim tells MTV News that the record is very…
Rappers Love PDA
Most would think rappers would shy away from expressing the admiration of a loved one in public, however rappers have proven that is surely not the case. Captured on multiple occasions in multiple acts of PDA, XXL presents "Rappers Love PDA"...
Ranking The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher Verses
Last night, BET aired its annual BET Hip-Hop Awards, which means one thing: cyphers. While the awards themselves are more often than not treated as an afterthought at the ceremony, the cyphers still have the potential to make waves. With an early clip of Kendrick Lamar's appearance leaking week…
Best & Worst Moments Of The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards
BET just celebrated the past year in hip-hop with its two-hour BET Hip-Hop Awards, and it brought many of the rap game's leading lights out to Atlanta's Civic Center. Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled all took in the show and took the stage at the event late last month, and ea…
Twitter Reacts To The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards
Twitter definitely erupted with tweets during the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Flooding the social site with commentary surrounding the happenings of the show, many of the rap game's top MCs weighed in surprisingly giving praises to their competitors...
Vote For The Best BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers Verse

If you haven't seen them yet, or to refresh your memory, you can watch the BET cyphers here.
Cypher 7 with Asia Sparks, Bad Lucc, Problem and Astr is only available online.
BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers Line-Up
Cypher 1 – Wax, Rapsody, Emis Killa, Rittz, Jon Connor
Cypher 2 – A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvy, A$AP N…
BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers
The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards are in full swing. Check back as we update you on tonight's cyphers.
Kevin Hart (as Chocolate Droppa), Nick Cannon, Nelly, Boris Kodjoe, Dwayne Martin, and JB Smooth
Kendrick Lamar And TDE

A$AP Mob
Action Bronson, Starlife Breezy, Travi$ Scott, Tiffany Foxx &am…
Hip-Hop’s Longest-Running Feuds
What's beef?
It's somewhat of a cliché to say that the truest essence of hip-hop is in the battle but after 40-years of hip-hop, there is bound to be some long-lasting ill-will amongst a group of people as competitive as rappers. Some beef never gets squashed and can go on for years …
12 Best Hip-Hop Instagrams Of The Week
Hip-hop was pretty hilarious on Instagram this week. With Cam'ron posting funny flicks about male selfies and Denzel Washington, Mackelmore swagging out his bus drivers as well as unveiling DJ Oreo's deep desire, and Drake's picture of his huge afro in a throwback cannot be forgotten.…

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