Lil Kim

Lil Kim “No Flex Zone (Remix)”
Lil Kim jumps on Rae Sremmurd hit single "No Flex Zone" and remixes it. On the Mike WiLL-Made It-produced beat Queen Bee states that there is no competition. Take a listen below.
9 Rappers’ Kids We Rarely See
There are a few rappers' kids that are rarely seen, some even only revealed to the public one time. From Meek Mill's son Papi to Lil Kim's daughter Royal Reign check out "9 Rappers' Kids We Rarely See."
Lil Kim Is The Baddest Girl Alive
Words Amy Linden
Photos Clay Patrick McBride
NEW YORK CITY’S Central Park South is a mixture of dyed-in-the-wool, Waspy Manhattan mega bucks and the glitz of the nouveau notorious. Side by side stand the symbols of those who will be keeping their fortunes for a while and those riding …
Lil Kim “Hot N***a (Remix)”
Virtually no one was on Lil Kim's side when she dissed Nicki Minaj on "Identity Theft," but that hasn't stopped her from trying to take back the spotlight. Unfortunately, she's doing it how too many rappers are trying to nowadays: Hopping on the hottest track of the …
Lil Kim “Identity Theft” (Nicki Minaj Diss)
For reasons that doesn't make sense other than to herself, Lil Kim decided to rework "Flawless" to take shots at Nicki Minaj. Her crusade against the Queen of Rap continues with the horn-backed "Identity Theft."
Lil Kim took issue with Minaj calling herself th…
20 Videos Of Rappers Before The Fame
Hip-hop is undeniably deep in some sort of nostalgia phase; you only have to look at the sheer number of reunions and celebrated anniversaries that have cropped up in the past two years to see that. But while it's always great to see classic outfits like G-Unit and Dipset get back together, there's …
Lil Kim Looks Great After Having Her Baby
All it took was one month for Lil Kim to get back on her feet and look as glamorous as she did before having her baby. Last month, Lil Kim gave birth to her first child, Royal Reign. After posting pictures of her daughter last week, Kim decided that it was time for mommy to get some camera time as w…
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