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Ja Rule And Ashanti Perform In Lagos, Nigeria
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Ashanti and Ja Rule linked together in Lagos Nigeria to perform at the &ldq…
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Check Out Ja Rule’s New Video “Superstar”
Ja Rule releases his new video "Superstar." Setting the scene in Sin City, the rapper cruises around Las Vegas all the while speaking of living life to the fullest and partying like a rockstar.
"Superstar" appears on Ja Rule's 2012 album Pain Is Love 2...
Ja Rule Doesn’t Think Lyor Cohen Is A Culture Vulture
If you recall, Dame Dash went on demolition spree in hopes of burning down industry heavyweights Joie Manda, Steve Stoute, and Lyor Cohen. Dame suggested that Manda and Cohen weren't really hip hop savants and in reality, were trying to destroy the essence of the culture with their piranha like…

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