8 Rappers With Bad Haircuts
Have you ever seen your favorite rapper rocking a haircut that just wasn't anywhere near fly? We all have. Check out "8 Rappers With Bad Haircuts."
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Coolio Did Not Sign A Deal With Pornhub
News broke earlier this week that Coolio had gone a different route than most in preparation for his first bit of work since 2009. “Take It To The Hub” posted on the adult site and reports surfaced that the rapper and Pornhub had inked a deal...
Coolio Made A Music Video With Pornhub
With the crowded new media landscape artists have to find new and inventive ways to catch the public's attention. Coolio, who's prepping his first project since 2009, apparently has taken this challenge to heart.
The rapper is teaming up with Pornhub...
9 Rappers Who Really Love Models
It's no secret that every rapper loves a fine chick or two. Gathering together a few photos of rappers with models XXL presents "Rappers Who Really Love Models."

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