Akon’s Ferrari Gets Repossessed
Akon maybe too broke to pay his car note. The "Exit Plan" singer recently had his 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia repossessed. The sad part is the car is valued at less than what he owes.
According to documents Akon stopped making payments on his lease and now owes $250,000...
18 Pictures Of Famous Rappers In Jail
It's no secret that some of our favorite rappers have had quite a few run-ins with the law. Check out pictures of some of hip-hop's top acts behind bars in "17 Pictures Of Famous Rappers In Jail ."
Scarface Featuring Akon “The Exit Plan”
Emeritus was originally slated to be Scarface's final album, but fortunately that's not the case. The Houston legend's Deeply Rooted is on the way, and its latest song — "The Exit Plan" featuring Akon — has hit the Internet.
The new single t…
Raekwon Featuring Akon “Call Of Duty”
Now that Raekwon's back on board for the new Wu-Tang album, the rapper also gives a push to his solo effort FILA (FLy Interational Luxurious Art). Today, we get a glimpse of what the Chef has been cooking up with the track, "Call Of Duty" featuring Akon...

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